Sunday, February 27, 2011

Organized Labor Under Attack

Protests in support of unions' rights to collectively bargain spread to nearly every capital in the Union. Spurred by Wisconsin governor Scott Walker's attempt to balance a budget drowning in unfunded public pension liability, many high profile governors are attacking the problem with malice aforethought. One protester supporting the public union's position decried Walker's attempts to reign in the liability accrued by a state government as a direct attack on union members' First Amendment rights. Quite a stretch to say the least. The specific issue in Wisconsin revolves around not only asking union members to contribute more to their own health care and retirement accounts but Walker is further angling to take away the public employee's union ability to collectively bargain for wages, hours, benefits, and so on. This is in modern times a touchy subject because in the last 70 years plus we've become attached to government intervention in the name of entitlements.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a tea party favorite and budget hawk. He's choosing to attack the same problem Walker is but without a full frontal assault on the collective bargaining aspect associated with the public unions. Many states are choosing to require state and local workers that are represented by unions to contribute more to their own pensions and health care requirements. This is as it should be. Public service employees that organized by way of a union used to view public service as a calling rather than a way to bolster middle class incomes like private sector unions did. In many instances public workers making their living off of the taxpayer's dime accepted modest wages in trade for acceptable insurance and benefit packages. Now by conservative estimates, public employees earn by way of salary and full benefits nearly 30% more than their private sector counterparts. I have no issue with any American succeeding financially to provide for a family and a future but at some point the golden goose will quit laying the golden eggs. States were bullied by powerful lobbies like the NEA into unfavorable agreements. States without consultation with taxpayers agreed to lucrative wage and benefit packages with public sector unions. States signed contracts and wrote checks the taxpayers' collective bodies couldn't cash. Private sector employees have no such guarantees and rely on the ups and downs of a free market. The exorbitant excesses of public union manipulation of taxpayer coffers is thankfully coming to an end.

I've never been a fan of labor unions for a variety of reasons. I think by its very composition the idea of organized labor encourages mediocrity and a protected means to limit productivity and efficiency. Why excel at what you do when union contracts prevent an employer from removing an unproductive employee by virtue of a labor contract? You no longer have a stake in making your employer as profitable as possible. You're covered. You're protected. You don't have to answer to your employer for less than acceptable work performance. You've got the UNION backing you. It's right there in black and white and that is the end of the story. For years unionized workers have fared better than their private sector counterparts. When President Obama initiated the auto bailout/buyouts of GM and Chrysler the unions received $.55 while private investors received $.10 per dollar of investment. That is government collusion and corruption at its finest and perhaps most visceral. Unions guarantee another calamity without argument. Unions by virtue of their expensive labor agreements drive up the cost of goods sold and solidify the United States as a top candidate for ongoing and perpetual trade deficits. Liberal politicians decry evil capitalists for outsourcing and pursuing engagements free from corrupt union interaction while at the same time accepting hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions from perhaps the most powerful liberal lobby in the world.

Organized labor in the private sector isn't going anywhere. I wish it would but beating a dead horse is both unproductive and inefficient. Labor representation in the public sector is a horse of a different color however. There is no way public employees making a living on taxpayer revenue have a right to join a union which by definition intimates the ability to access and distribute taxpayer money without consent of the taxpayer. The government has a right to set the wages and benefits of its employees at what it believes to be an affordable and fair scale. It must occur within the confines of responsibility to the taxpayer first, not the union. The taxpayers deserve an efficient government that spends taxpayer money wisely not at the behest of a union. What if I was forced to join a union to obtain a position I desperately coveted but didn't want my union dues to be funneled to liberal politicians campaign funds? Is that fair? Is that deserved? What if I as a taxpayer am happy to see public service employees make a fair and decent living but in no way support public unions' political viewpoints? Is it fair that my taxes ultimately support liberal causes without my permission and consent? If you can muster a yes you're bordering delusion and a dangerous form of elitism.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Importance of the Egyptian Revolution

The world and most specifically the Middle East will not be the same. History unfolded before us over the past 18 days culminating in the resignation and departure of Egypt's longtime authoritarian dictator Hosni Mubarak. Egypt will move forward towards democracy. Maybe. We can only hope. While the populist uprising and unbridled power of the people taking to the streets and demanding basic freedoms is to be celebrated under any circumstances there is some concern to be had in regards to the power vacuum moving forward.

What began as a not too uncommon protest by a vocal few in Tahrir Square nearly three weeks ago became like a wind fueled inferno, its flames intent on turning to ash the legacy of Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak sat at the poker table with the United States for the past thirty years. When his own people threatened to physically overthrow his government, he realized he didn't have the cards to bid on a bluff. I doubt Mubarak really believed the United States and the Obama Administration would push him overboard with such decided and pointed efficiency. He was wrong. After all, Mubarak had been a U.S. ally in the region for nearly three decades. I think ally is a controversial term. I think the U.S. government did what it often does when faced with choosing the lesser of evils. I think of Mubarak as much less an ally and more of a racketeer. We bought him off with billions in military aid to do our bidding. We paid an evil man to support and defend our foreign policy initiatives. He becomes rich, his people are oppressed while we tolerate their pain, and our foreign policy goals are furthered. The military aid distributed to the Egyptian military does have its advantages. The Pentagon and Egypt's military council have a good working relationship and this point cannot be undervalued. Now that the military under the direction of Defense Minister Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, 75, controls the government in temporary fashion it is a plus for stability in the region and a plus for the United States. I must stress the temporary element of the situation.

The people of Egypt support their military. I think this is so because the military command eschews the fundamentalist ideologies of radical Islamists unlike the theocracies in Iran and a corrupted Syria do. Many in the military, including Tantawi, know that there is no way to win even if it wanted to battle Israel a fourth time in the killing sands of the Sinai. There is an inherent stability based on our relationship with Egypt's military command. Although very poor by a world standard, many in Egypt, especially those under the age of 30, believe in a secular governmental and military structure as opposed to one immersed beneath the smothering veil and tenets of radical Islam. More important moving forward in regards to the military control of government, free and fair elections must take place sooner as later. Let democracy take its foothold now by making emergency revisions to Egypt's constitution so that elections can take place in September as they should.

The U.S. response while somewhat cumbersome and untimely ultimately proved to be the right response in support of the overthrow of a dictator. We came out correctly in favor of democratic ideals. It is rare indeed that I support any of Barack Obama's initiatives, policies, or visions. I thought Obama's speech about the overthrow of the Egyptian dictatorship was maybe his most presidential moment since entering office. He and his administration had a chance to make a larger and more sweeping change for democratic good when the Iranian protests reached their boiling point in June 2009. He and Hillary Clinton dropped the ball then and it cost millions their freedom when that evil theocracy was tottering on the edge of collapse. Perhaps there was a lesson learned. Obama didn't really have a choice once the Mubarak's train came off the tracks but I'll give credit where credit is due. I doubt you'll see tons of flattering praise for Mr. Obama in future posts.

One point of caution moving forward in this exciting and positive revolution in Egypt. Groups like the Muslim Brotherhood lurk in the shadows and would like nothing more than to insert themselves into the political process moving forward. They are evil and known for such quotable nuggets such as "a Christian woman could never be President of Egypt." I hope the people in their deserved euphoria resist the temptation to fall prey to the silver tongued false prophecies of a radical Islamic group like the Muslim Brotherhood.

We are witness to history. We can hope and pray for a legitimate democracy in Egypt moving forward. And with future success and luck, maybe democracy will be in store for those suffering in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bahrain, and scores of other corrupt theocracies that revel in choking their citizens into submission.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Top 4 Problems Moving Forward

1. Big government. Whether it's the expansion of entitlements, Obamacare, runaway regulation, or the insolvency of FDR era government services like Social Security and Medicare, our standing on the world stage is in serious jeopardy. Perhaps the most troubling on its face is the aptly spun "health insurance reform" package. I'm not arguing about the health bill itself because I like the Congress that passed it have not read it. In general terms, do you believe a government that can't keep a postal service in the black can be trusted to keep one sixth of our economy in check? Did I mention we have a 14 trillion dollar debt ceiling and are in danger of losing our credit rating as a nation? We've lost economic authority due to trade deficits with China. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government's answer to forcing lenders to provide homes for all, caused the housing bubble and subsequent crash. While the government steps in to penalize free market lenders for dubious behavior the most quasi-criminal program of all controlled exclusively by the government gets less than a slap on the wrist. Tax payer dollars continue to prop it up and as is the case with most big government fiascoes, there is no accountability.

2. Education. We are losing ground fast and I fear that all the good America has given to the world through invention and entrepreneurial zeal is fading away. Regulation is part of the problem but at its root is an abysmal public education system. Kids and parents alike are held hostage by corrupt teacher's unions. Tenure allows bad teachers to foster bad ideas period. The unions are a powerful lobby that not only decide what your kids learn according to ideology but also who's going to teach them, no matter how dedicated or qualified. Touchy-feely good intentioned educational programs are getting us nowhere. In terms of post-secondary education, the U.S. ranked 1st as recently as 20 years ago and now we're ninth in a tie with Belgium. Belgium? Now there's a country I think of when I think of "contributions" to the world in the last 20 years. We spend more money per student ($50,000) than anyone else in the world yet our test scores slide, dropout rates increase, and innovative contributions from our economy begin to fade. Our government's answer? More money. More money. More money. This issue can't be laid at the feet of government exclusively. Parents need to create a culture of learning that starts in the home. Less video games and more constructive education and hard rules for homework. Instead of a trip to the mall, why can't kids actively engage their brains helping mom or dad build something for the house or spend more free time involved in math and science competitions? It's not about money. It's about priorities.

3. The Death of Federalism. States' rights are being consumed by this administration. Prior to the midterm elections in November 2010, I feared that we as a nation became so apathetic as to our surroundings we were destined to be driven as dumb cattle. Whether candidates newly elected based on an anti-big government platform revolutionize Washington or succumb to politics as usual is yet to be seen but at the very least a statement was made. 26 states and more to follow are challenging the health care law in federal court. Of course some of the motivation is ideological but more integral to the argument of federalism is that states don't want the federal government forcing the cost of Medicaid shortfalls on state governments without the consent of the state's taxpayers and the sheer inability of the state's taxpayers to afford such a crushing blow. Federal officials have since the Woodrow Wilson administration misapplied the commerce clause of the United States Constitution. The government has taken the common sense contractual meaning of commerce between the states and applied it to anything within a state as a means to maintain federal control over nearly every facet of life. Montana and Texas drafted a bill to cordially invite the federal government to stick it in regards to guns and ammunition manufactured exclusively and distributed exclusively within a state's boundaries. The federal courts (surprise, surprise) ruled against these rogues but I'd stay tuned to round two. The same applies to the core of the healthcare debate. Can the government force a citizen to buy health insurance or pay a penalty if they don't want it? The simple answer is no and if affirmed by a federal court there then would be nothing sacred the federal government couldn't touch and base on interstate commerce. Scary stuff.

4. National Security. Radical Islam and its proponents' ability to acquire modern weaponry changed the face of our lives forever. There'll be no peace between Judaeo-Christian nations and Muslim nations because there is not meant to be peace between these nations. Most of us would be happy enough staying out of the affairs of the Middle East on a cultural basis because they've been killing each other long before oil was discovered. They'll not rest because as long as you choose not to become a Muslim your life is fair game. Both Russia and China readily do business with radicals like Iran and North Korea because regardless of your position on organized religion these countries lack the foundational stability the history and practice of Judaeo-Christian religion provided our country and culture. The decommission of our military preparedness through ill-advised treaties with Russia that decompensate our ability to protect ourselves with a missile defense system in eastern Europe. The reason Reagan did so much to contribute to the end of the cold war is because he realized the liberal defense ideology simply didn't work. We can't "talk" nations into holding hands because they have a fundamentally different vision of what a stable relationship is. Liberal defense ideology fails because we're not dealing with nations constructed of the same social fabric and values we try to hold on to. Peace through strength has no shortcomings. It provides the means to destroy those that would destroy us while more importantly providing the deterrent that would prevent them from trying it in the first place. The federal government's priorities have been skewed for so long. National security is not only the most important spending issue it's the most important Constitutional issue. The federal government has no greater responsibility morally or legally than the protection of its citizens.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court, Scourge of the Country

President Obama continues his unabashed and now entirely predictable march towards the global Marxist utopia as evidenced by his recent nomination of 39 year old Berkeley law professor and left-wing extremist Goodwin Liu to the U.S. 9th Circuit. Can it be any more fitting that a court that truly prides itself on contributing, empathizing, and embracing the lowest common denominators in modern society finds itself headquartered in America's most glamorous cesspool, San Francisco, CA?

Okay, Barack Bob Shiny Pants passes the okie-doke to Liu not only for Liu's participation in Obama's transition after election (sounds like the initial phases of sex reassignment) but more importantly because Liu is simpatico with Obama's own grand illusions of one great world order under Leninesque Socialist principles. To hell with our founding principles and I'm not even talking about the founders' take(s) on values. I'm talking about our entire legal system, its checks and balances, and what has made it the most envied, fair, and respected legal system in the world. No it is not perfect, but it is BETTER than anything on the market in any country today period. The New World Order supporters including our "current" executive and Liu want to systematically dismantle the democratic legal system now in place for a more useful one that divides power between an executive and that executive's appointed judges that as Liu says "are culturally situated to interpret social meaning." I thought Stalin was dead. He interpreted social meaning and ACTED on it too. He had all the power, the people no active representation, and now we're seeing a return to that philosophy now only slightly morphed as shared powers between the executive and judicial branches. Not only do these men abrogate any oath ever sworn to uphold the Constitution, they expanded redistribution beyond the bounds of economic equalization and included judicial redistribution under the umbrella as well.
The Constitution and all the blood spilled to defend its principles in the preservation of rights for the American people is DEAD in the eyes of these degenerates. Even the ABA chooses to snooze through its own rules of order to herald the nomination by means of a committee approval even though Liu hasn't been practicing law for 12 years since graduation nor does his resume' include "significant" trial experience. Liu actively dismisses and opposes free enterprise, free markets, and believes social welfare is a Constitutional right. I know he's a Berkeley guy but is he also a medicinal marijuana user as well, perhaps a medicinal opiate or hallucinogenic user? It's coming and California as is the case with most culturally offensive standards will be the breeding ground for it.
As expected, the 9th Circuit has more "judges" appointed by liberals making it by logical extension the most liberal court in America. 59% of the judgeships on this circuit can be confirmed as liberal. This court ruled on medicinal marijuana and the Newdow case among many others. Remember the court's take on this, no pledge of allegiance because "under God" was included? Their continued misinterpretation of the Establishment Clause is the source of the evil. Anything even historical with "God" mentioned is bad right? How ignorant. I know three year old children that have a better grasp of this than these federal judge buffoons. All the clause ever meant since its inception is that the government cannot actively require any one religion through endorsement, discriminate because of one's denial of that religion, or force anyone to be of one unique religion. That is it. Every big case headlining Establishment Clause issues by civil rights attorneys like the ACLU is predominantly bogus. Write it down.
The big quake in the bay can spare the innocents at any cost but it can swallow the headquarters of the 9th Circuit post haste.
Oppose Liu and Obama's visions that can do nothing but wreak havoc on our system of justice and values we all hold dear.

Friday, June 12, 2009

George Tiller, Murder Was as Murder Does

Conservatives are being lambasted and blamed for the death of abortion doctor George Tiller several days ago. Tiller remained one of a handful of abortion practitioners that performed abortions in the third trimester of pregnancy. Bill O'Reilly of Fox News denounced Tiller for his practices as did several others with moral conscience. Listening to those vampires like Joan Walsh from Salon lament Tiller's death and the circumstances therein is disgusting and frankly somewhat socially obtuse. The left wing media pounced on the story as if this guy was the patron saint of something intangible. I certainly believe Tiller's death fits the profile of what it is, a homicide. There are thousands of homicides in the country and one is not less tragic or more wrong than the other. I hope his killer finds that the prosecution is competent and justice is served in a blind fashion as we all hope it would be.

To my chagrin people like Tiller that are gunned down, assassinated, or removed with extreme prejudice really get off quite unscathed. I would have much rather seen Tiller survive in a long life so that first he had an opportunity to see the error of his ways and stop the quasi-medical practice he found himself in. Second, a long and healthy life would at least have given him an opportunity to seek forgiveness for his deplorable and despicable acts against humanity. There is no place in a modern and humane society for those of Dr. George Tiller's ilk. The Humane Society works more diligently at saving the lives of wayward dogs than abortion doctors do in the vacuuming and skull-crushing practice of late term abortions.

Far left politicians, feminist groups, and liberal supporters of a secular and relativistic vision never learned to equate apples with apples. How can a politician or even a Supreme Court nominee like Judge Sotomayor oppose the death penalty on the one hand and openly endorse abortion in all its grisly forms on the other? The scientific debate about where life begins ended in Canada in 1977. Researchers of DNA concluded that scientifically there is no doubt that life begins at conception. Remember when that sperm fertilizes that egg the life form growing in the womb will absolutely not be delivered as a platypus, lamp, or mixing bowl. It is a baby. The answer lies not in the activist Roe v. Wade decision either. Nowhere in the United States Constitution or in the Bill of Rights stands an amendment or clause allowing, sanctioning, or endorsing an abortion in any form. The left-wing loons continually use loose medical jargon to sway support in the nation. Health of the mother exceptions, incest, and rape are all buzz words pro-choice groups use to lobby the continued exercises of irresponsibility and selfishness. Less than 1% of all pregnancies in which women seek abortions have anything at all to do with rape, incest, or supposed health of the mother issues.

I suppose we can lament the death of Dr. George Tiller as tragic and it is for the reasons mentioned above. He never had the chance to make right the wrongs he spent a lifetime committing. He never had the chance to get right with God so to speak. But to make his death any more tragic than any other is completely wrong minded. Many of the babies he murdered cried, blinked their eyes, and maybe even grasped his hand before he crushed their skulls. He was the first and last thing many of them saw in those horrific final moments. Keeping this in light makes me think a relatively quick death of his own got him off easy, way too easy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Change We Can Believe In. Bullshit.

Reality of the day drifts silently much like the fog eerily floating between stark headstones in a George Romero horror picture. I can't believe this is the America we live in today. We're simply dumber than a pound of wet lizard liver, Barack's slicker than a liquored up Beelzebub, and the Earth just keeps spinning I guess in spite of that darned old Global Warming (take that Al Gore you stupid dolt). What in the hell is going on and why isn't the national media berating Obama at every step during his not too subtle attempts at nationalizing the world we live in? Oh, because the media works for him. Sorry. Did anyone see NBC anchor Brian Williams' private interview with the President? Get a room for Christ's sake. Williams tried to slip him the tongue and the secret service had to draw their sidearms. Get this next bit from MSNBC's "Hardball" hosted by Chris Matthews. Evan Thomas from "Newsweek" said to Matthews that Barack Bob Shiny Pants is above the country and above the world, like he's God. Are you goddamn kidding me? I know NBC and parent company General Electric are whores for the radical left but my God it's as if we live in an era of state run media. TYRANNY
This car bailout is nothing short of extortion of the American taxpayer by Barack himself. What else can you expect from a President bore of the rotting and racketeering womb of Chicago politics? Change, transparency, and truth? Better start looking to the next President if there's any hope for that. We've been ripped off and didn't even get a kiss and we're still missing our pants. Taxpayers bail out the auto companies at Barack's direction and the only winner is Socialist organized labor. No more special interests in Washington huh? Oh, you meant all special interests EXCEPT the biggest and most corrupt special interest of all. Secured lenders get $0.29 on the dollar and organized labor roughly $0.50. Oh, you and I get about $0.10. I love transparency. TYRANNY
I don't care about Barack and Mr. Ed Michelle Obama going to dinner and a play in New York. Of course it's expensive but he's the President and he's entitled to a date or a ride with her. (Wilbur......come in the room.) But to fly Air Force One over New York City at desperately low altitudes a couple of weeks earlier without warning to the citizens of Manhattan displays a level of controlling ignorance not seen in recent times. Arrogance rather than compassion and decency ruled the day in spite of his many post 9/11 voters meandering the streets of New York City. TYRANNY
One of Barack's biggest campaign promises had to do with loving up the suspected terrorists held at Gitmo in Cuba and closing it down. Stupid voters thought that to be a touchy and cuddly enough issue with which to cry on Barack's shoulder. Now Barack Bob Shiny Pants says "Hell No" because individuals that DO KNOW and DO CARE in the defense department and CIA convinced the political hack in the Oval Office that yes in fact Mr. Pres some of these crazy bastards will fly a missile straight up your ass if released. Kudos Bush administration. Careful Barack, I smell the loony Move On commies starting to turn on you! Nancy Pelosi's caked on plastic surgery is starting to crumble under the weight of her treasonous attempts to distort intelligence truths and publish Gitmo photographs that surely will cost American casualties abroad. All this at the expense of personal politics. Harry Reid's been quiet though. I think he's been embalmed and his staffers failed to tell him. Barack lied to his voters about leaving Iraq and surging in Afghanistan parallel to the dreaded Bush wars. Funny thing though, no tough questions at Barack's press briefings. TYRANNY
Now let's nationalize health care with a disastrous single-payer system like the same systems in Canada and Great Britain, dump money into failing schools that will continue to fail, dump federal money into infrastructure projects to provide temporary jobs to the unemployed (but only if you're a card carrying labor union member), control the banks and their employees' salaries, ban weapons guaranteed to citizens under the Second Amendment, raise taxes, and destroy the concept of states' rights and individual rights as guaranteed in the Constitution. Not bad for the first three months. TYRANNY
To top it off nominate a Latina woman (S. Sotomayor) to the United States Supreme Court who is unabashedly racist claiming she is a better decision maker than other white men on the bench. She's not a big believer in blind justice but rather has empathy for one's social setting and skin color if you will. Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave. She is racist for failing to stand beside firefighters that tested for a promotion and outscored the competition but failed to get those promotions because they were too white. TYRANNY
I wonder if we're heading up Barack Creek without a paddle. We're in trouble and the electorate refuses to see it. I wonder if it will be too late.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walk the Plank

Have you been following this Somali pirate action the last couple of days? Apparently these terrorists make quite a prosperous living hijacking ocean going cargo vessels and yachts and taking crew members hostage for healthy ransoms. Earlier in the week a French couple and their young child found themselves abducted by these mindless heathens and the man lost his life during a rescue orchestrated by the French government. True, the man and his wife ignored warnings about piracy in the area and chose to attempt a pleasure cruise through the area anyway. This French man and his wife apparently weren't the brightest bulbs in the knife drawer and they thought their home country's military could bail them out in a tight squeeze? That's a shock. The all powerful French military screwed up the negotiation and release of three countrymen, one of whom was an infant child. Sure glad they're NOT helping us fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why do we need their permission again to conduct operations against terrorists? I seriously doubt the French military could successfully orchestrate the covert removal of dog poop from the French president's lawn without screwing it up. So going up against pirates would certainly be out of reach for the French military or whatever they call it. It's funny the government of France didn't just pay up rather than bluff a fight. It's not like France not to pander and placate terrorism.
Second, an American captain of a Maersk cargo ship is being held captive by Somali pirates in the same body of water some distance away. According to my interpretation of international law, the United States Navy doesn't have the authority to engage the pirates in this particular body of water regardless of the crew's nationality. I imagine some ships fly under the flags of different countries for tax and trade purposes further complicating what I am sure is a legal nightmare in international or non-American waters. You have to give this American captain credit though. He jumped from the lifeboat the pirates held him on and was dog paddling towards a Navy destroyer sent to block reinforcements from reaching the pirates' lifeboat. The captain swam back to his captors after a hail of automatic weapons fire encircled him during his attempted break to freedom. What did he say when he got back to them after they fired at him? I was just kidding.
So a conundrum exists. The terrorist lifeboat is out of fuel. The Navy is or shortly will be blocking resupply of this boat by their terrorist buddies. The pirates are negotiating and demanding ransom even though they're afloat without gas. They said they'll kill Captain Phillips if the Navy engages them. No one at the State Department or Pentagon has called me as of this hour but if they read this blog I'll provide the solution to them free of charge as a service to my country and in hopes that Captain Phillips will be safely returned to his family in Vermont.
The U.S. Navy should surround the lifeboat and agree to facilitate whatever sum of sum of money the terrorists demand. Once confirmation of the transfer of funds to an account chosen by the terrorists is complete, safely stow Captain Phillips below deck in the American destroyer sent to surround the lifeboat he'd been on. Next it is time to turn the turrets on one or more of our destroyers towards this lifeboat and blow the ever loving shit out of it and its pirate crew. There shouldn't be a piece of boat or terrorist big enough to provide a gourmet meal for a minnow. Five or six of our destroyers then play bumper cars with any terrorist vessel in the area within a 10,000 square mile radius. We kill them all and keep killing them until they get the hint that terrorism on the high seas may be hazardous to your health. We could paint billboards on the side of our destroyers like the drinking and driving billboards you see along the highways in America. Then we summon one, only one, U.S. aircraft carrier to the region as well. The NSA and CIA have intelligence indicating where the terrorist strongholds are on the Somali coast and inland as well. Our fighter jets turn these safe houses into glass. Now regardless of the "international community's" concern about unilateral action we just get it done and it's over with. We seize the funds we handed over. If an international bank doesn't give our money back after we explain that this was a ransom paid to international terrorists we burn the bank down and take our money back anyway. When the United Nations wants to investigate our actions we withdraw from the U.N. This should have been done years ago anyway. The U.N. is an organization that promotes terrorism and even allows terror sponsoring nations to vote on how we deal with terrorists. Wow, that is logical and intelligent isn't it? Probably not. I wish they'd just call me more often. I wonder if Barack or Hillary could come up with a better plan. I doubt it. They're taking the U.N. path which blames America first and trumpets negotiating with those that wish us harm instead of ridding them for the scourge they are. I like my way better.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sad Day in Tracy, CA

What in the world is wrong with us? Sandra Cantu, this pretty 8 year old girl, was found stuffed in a suitcase in a dairy pond near her home in Tracy, CA. Her autopsy is scheduled for later today. The grief for her family must be unimaginable. How tragic to lose someone this young and crippling to let thoughts run rampant about her last hours and moments on Earth. As someone that interacted with sex offenders during my years of service in law enforcement I can tell you that this type of deviant is simply the worst among us. To be definitive, there is no cure for the type of animal that did this to an innocent child. Recidivism rates skyrocket and even the touchy-huggy rehabilitation types find no statistics to back their theory of returning "rehabilitated" offenders back into general society.
My view on the death penalty has softened over time. I used to be a member of the "kill them all" chorus. Well publicized mistakes and cases of innocent men and women being convicted and in some cases executed for crimes they didn't commit seems just as dastardly. However, why do we fight so hard to modify laws that would adjust to a sort of legal common sense? Why does it have to be a death penalty versus no death penalty argument exclusively? Can't we modify the death penalty debate to include specificity and absolute knowledge? In other words, if DNA links the suspect to this girl's savage murder, light him up Jack. If eyewitness testimony and circumstantial evidence convict the suspect beyond a reasonable doubt without DNA, then let it be life in prison. And for you child molesters entering the prison system, don't drop the soap if you get my drift.
It doesn't matter whether or not the death penalty reduces the number of vicious crimes in each respective category or not. The death penalty remains in my eyes as a specific punishment for a specific person for having committed a specific act. Case closed. I've interrogated sex offenders myself and winced with a knot in my stomach while eliciting a confession. They like it, they want to talk about it. You have to rationalize with them and it is as sickening as anything you'll ever sit through. One guy told me about a three year old girl he abused and that she "wanted it." I wanted to tear his throat out with my bare hands. Thankfully I didn't but as I get older I'm happy to say I might handle things with a pipe if given half a chance.
When examining your own thoughts regarding the death penalty's place in society, try not to make it an all or nothing argument. If DNA connects the suspect to a victim scientifically beyond any doubt, it's barbecue or killer cocktail time. If evidence convicts him without the positive link of DNA it's life in prison. The important thing is to keep innocent adults and children safe from roaming predators that serve no benefit to society now or in the future.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Socialism, Facism, or a Nice Combination of Both

The drooling lap dogs got their wish. That's right. The American electorate got exactly what they thought they wanted. Everything ever mentioned about the American love affair with Obama comes to pass. And believe me, "something wicked this way comes." Our apathy and complete lack of focus and conviction now lives vicariously through President Barack Obama. Prepare to start paying the price and a steep one it will be indeed.

Help us and help me was the cry as the economy teetered, stocks wobbled, and unemployment numbers soared. While we sat back on dead asses and waited on promises from an inefficient government that cannot control itself within the walls of Congress, an entire way of life changes and the building blocks of our Constitution are being jackhammered by the Marxist liberals now controlling even more of what once had been a society based on personal freedoms and free markets. Blame Bush if you must for beginning the landslide. He abandoned the conservative creed of fiscal responsibility. The first automotive bailout and use of TARP funds clearly planted the first seeds of doom. Republicans crowded into bed with him did as well and now they're on the outside looking in. Just remember that the pinch-faced shrew Pelosi and cadaver Harry Reid have controlled both houses of Congress for more than two years. I guess the buck doesn't stop here. Please remember that the lisping and show tunes loving Barney Frank supported the very institutions that precipitated the mortgage meltdown that ushered in the current recession. He and other Socialists of his ilk like Maxine Waters and Al Franken are on the record supporting, indeed legislating the path for sub-prime mortgages. Why doesn't anyone ever mention the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 that the dunderhead Carter Administration enacted, Bill Clinton enhanced, and Barney Frank pushed until the sky fell last year? I'm just getting warmed up.

So do you want to start with the staggering deficits created by Obama's unprecedented budget of 3.1 trillion dollars? Do you know that these debts probably cannot be covered or paid back for generations? What about printing money to "monetize" the debt? Deflation of the dollar then pushes us towards an international currency as suggested by trustworthy nations like China. By the way, we've borrowed more money from the Communists than Pelosi has plaster for her puppet-like face. Did I mention Russia and China are buddies with ever increasing military might and increasing troop and weapons numbers? Does it matter to you that Harold Koh, a top attorney in Obama's state department, encourages us to shift to international law rather than our Constitution? Instead of relying on our own laws and judicial process we'll now base decisions in our country on what France or Spain thinks. That's comforting. You had better just grab a couple of drinks now.

The billions of dollars spent bailing out the auto industry and AIG was a smokescreen that allowed Obama the puppet and his radical handlers to begin pushing the government into a fascist state. Yeah, he used the news of AIG and the auto bailouts to pull the wool over the eyes of the voters. While we're cussing greedy corporate executives Barack is pushing stem cells, forcing doctors to perform abortions regardless of conscience, and pushing cap and trade carbon taxes that further cripple American industry. That's just the small stuff. Do you know that the construction jobs created in his stimulus bill only benefit those workers that are members of the unions? So much for special interests being driven out of Washington. Do you know why the automotive industry wasn't forced to pursue bankruptcy before now? Obama couldn't face the ire of the UAW. Truth is as action dictates. Am I the only one that remembers white tooth Obama promising no more earmarks during his campaign? Remember, earmarks are different than traditional pork barrel spending. Pork projects can be debated on the floor. Earmarks cannot be debated. They're slipped in there. Obama simply represents a more charming and eloquent version of the same toxic waste and slime. Shucks, trust me because I'm the government and I know what's best for you.

Are you nervous that the nationalization (Socialization) of banks and U.S. corporations came off without a hitch? The inept Congress cannot balance a budget, understand a profitable economic system, or agree on which color the new carpet in the congressional bathrooms should be. However, they are perfectly capable of running private industry and making decisions for the banks that have your money in them. Comforting isn't it. Now Obama can decide which employee makes too much money and who should be fired, hired, or hardwired. I don't think this was the founders' vision of a free America.

At least the liberal media types can focus on Michelle Obama (Mr. Ed look-alike) and how she touched the Queen of England's back or what shoes she wore when she met the French president's wife. You know, the important stuff. You and I fellow Americans had better pull our heads out and start attending some tea parties. Never under any circumstances though take to the streets with your guns. Oh wait, the ban on all weapons held by law-abiding citizens is on its way as well. Our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is well on its way to repeal and is under attack as well. The very protection the founders gave us to prevent the implementation of a tyrannical government is under attack by our tyrannical government. That's not an oxymoron but a now sweeping truth.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

George Bush, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Bad All the Way Around

If this wasn't so disastrous it might be funny. Do you really think one is better than the other? You're crazy if you answer to the affirmative.

I as you know by now remain well entrenched in conservatism and find myself somewhere to the philosophical right of Attila the Hun. If I had any fame or journalistic recognition at all the pundits would call me a neocon's neocon. Belief in a value system and applying it to your political decisions is one thing and marching lockstep with one party or another for the sole purpose of maintaining party unity is foolish. I am not a George W. Bush fan nor am I a particular supporter of Dick Cheney and his Halliburton empire. I supported the invasion of Afghanistan and the attempted destruction of the Taliban and the Al-Qaida training camps housed within the poppy plant's homeland. I even supported the administration regarding the invasion of Iraq based on our intelligence estimates combined with those researched and supposedly validated by the British Empire. Bush's war detractors make an error not in opposing the war itself but in calling for an immediate or nearly immediate withdrawl. Even the Democrats if pressed on the issue admit that a Vietnam-style withdrawl would prove catastrophic to the entire Middle East and give Iran, Russia, and China added bravato if future tensions arise with them. We stay until it's stabilized or until the Islamic communities in the region prove to all of us once and for all that their value system is flawed and based on a guttural 5th century mentality. I am afraid the latter will always hold true. Anyone for turning the whole damn sand box back to glass? That would be a sigh of relief.

Bush's policy or perhaps Bush's luck in policy has prevented another 9/11 type of attack on our homeland. We have to give credit where credit is due. Beyond that, George has disappointed diehard conservatives like me beyond measure. Our current spending would give Tip O'Neill a massive erection and he's been dead for years. Democrats still gripe about the education system but no president has thrown more tax dollars at public education than Bush. Democrats don't want to tackle the real issues of personal responsibility rather than promoting moral relativism. Problems in the public school system start at home miles away from the classrooms. Bush is bankrupting us. Every industry in the country receives giant subsidies. You name it and it gets money. Big oil, corporate farming, poorly run airlines, and even mismanaged financial institutions like Bear Stearns get taxpayer bailouts. How do I sign up for one of those?

Those of us on the hard right view spending like this. Taxes are to be paid to provide for national security and an infrastructure that accomodates capitalism by ensuring the building blocks are in place to facilitate a free market economy. In other words we want a mighty military to protect us from foreign lunatics like those in Iran, China, Syria, and Russia. We believe in a proactive rather than reactive strategy when it comes to protecting our assets and well being in the world. Barack and Hillary, well, not so much. We believe that things like roads, airports, bridges, and other technologies that promote an efficiency in the course of doing business is what makes America's businesses and workers succeed. Take a majority of entitlements and pork barrel spending not directly related to the above and flush them with the kitty litter. Throw in some tax dollars for a modest federal law enforcement presence to uphold the Constitution and a revamped and less imposing list of federal statutes and voila we have a productive country with a surplus. In general economic terms George W. Bush doesn't speak for me. Give me the freedom promised in the Constitution and less government intrusion. If there is a problem at home let my state figure it out rather than imposing more federal regulations. Simple really is productive.

Now let's take on the views of dumb and dumber. I mean Hillary and Barack. BIG GOVERNMENT is better. The government knows what's best for you. Take Hillary's health care proposal. Your freedom is eroded before your very eyes. You have to have my health care. It is law that GOVERNMENT takes your money for a program you have no choice in. Scary. Choice equals freedom and any lack thereof sways us precipitously towards socialism. Barack's comments about us "rednecks" clinging to our guns and religion and belief in national border security make me wonder if he thinks personal freedoms and values are overrated. Maybe he believes his control and initiatives save us because after all we really can longer make decisions for ourselves. Can't you see it coming or does his toothy smile induce the cessation of neurons in your brain? Personal freedom MUST trump government intervention or we're all lost and lost for good. It is scary to know that liberals like Clinton and Obama have built giant constituencies because they've convinced people that personal responsibility and work ethic no longer apply. Trust me says Barack, I'll take care of you. No thanks Barack, I'll take care of myself and provide for my own like the framers intended it to be.

In summation, of the three boobs talked about here today one is no better than the other two. They simply have a different method and set of calculations to bilk us and dumb us down. Just remember, personal freedoms can only be maintained through our opposition to undue government influence and an adherence to our own responsibility for ourselves and our actions.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Barack and Hillary woo Montana Democratic Faithful in Butte, Missoula

The Democratic Party hosted both of their candidates for the office of president in Butte yesterday to the cheers of thousands of supporters. Barack Obama included an earlier stop in Missoula Saturday morning. On the positive side the spectacle brought Montana national recognition and did create its own historical context because it included both candidates that currently engage in verbal fistfighting desperate to obtain the Democratic nomination. I think it's also kind of neat that as far as the Democratic primary process goes, Montana closes the primary season as it's the last one to close its polls on June 3rd.

From news reports I've obtained both candidates stayed on message. George Bush is bad and government will take control and heal your wounds if I'm elected. Fair enough; those have been the talking points in stump speeches since the Iowa caucuses. Barack continues a masterful charm offensive while enthusiastic crowds roar in approval even if his message contains little in concrete detail and relies heavily on glittering generalities. Hillary takes the stage like the mad little woman she is; she's still upset that no one but she and Bill understand that she's entitled as a Clinton to have the office of president delivered to her much like the monarchy in England. Hillary obviously stares at the nomination much like Sir Edmund Hillary (no she wasn't named after him, she misspoke) stared at Mount Everest while standing at its base. Even in Montana I feel the winds of change blowing. The state could vote in the Democratic category this fall and hasn't done so since swaying for Bill Clinton in 1992. Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee even though Hillary will pull out all the stops before finally if ever conceding defeat. A vicious political machine like the Clintons maintain won't sink of its own accord. In good old Montana terms, Hillary is a raccoon in a creek being closely pursued by bloodhound Barack Obama. I've seen a coon push a hound's head under the water in an attempt to drown it. I am thankful that all the infighting will benefit John McCain this fall.

Montana voters maintain an independent streak and don't usually adhere to their parties in lock step fashion and thankfully that makes us unique. Most Montanans I know, Democrats included, generally maintain somewhat of a conservative outlook on social issues but may drift left on economic and other issues. We have a Democratic governor and two senators. Our single representative is true blue conservative through and through and his success or failure in reelection this fall will serve as an accurate indicator in gauging if the state in its entirety has moved decidedly left. Senator Jon Tester defeated long time incumbent Republican Conrad Burns in the last election based in no small part on a smear campaign alleging close ties between Burns and convicted lobbyist Conrad Burns. Whether it was time for Burns to go or not, Tester is lucky to be in office after being elected on false pretenses.

I would have loved to travel to Butte to see both Hillary and Barack speak to the thronging masses. However I'd already scheduled some time to shampoo my plants and I simply had to prioritize. When I found out it cost $40.00 to purchase a ticket for entry I decided that money could be better spent on driveway de-icer and some items from the dollar store. I still find myself chapped to know how many of the blue collar common folks fall in line with both Clinton and Obama. That whole representation of the common man is a train load of crap big enough to fertilize the Mojave. Bill and Hillary earned $109,000,000.00 in the last several years and they still won't divulge donor records from his presidential library because trust me, they don't want you to know who's on there. Hillary absolutely bashes corporate America in true Socialist fashion but how in the hell do we think Bill makes his big bucks? What do you think his money is made from? He's an "adviser" and "consultant" to corporate titans in Dubai. I wonder if there's any oil money associated with Dubai in the MIDDLE EAST. I'll let you decide. I hope it makes the supporters of Clinton happy to know that after making all that money off "corporate" interests (yes, Hillary's book publishers are corporate too) they still bilk the taxpayer for hundreds of thousands of dollars on secret service details and perks related to Bill's disservice in office.

Barack Obama's position relative to Hillary's is a little more tenuous when it comes to the general election against McCain. Barack's involvement with a racist religious organization, corrupt real estate mogul Tony Rezko, and a man once convicted for trying to blow up federal buildings may cause him some problems come November. Couple that with his relative inexperience in just about every category of leadership and I think it may develop into a perfect storm for him. His refusal to lay out black and white (there's been plenty of black versus white) details of his policy plans and more importantly how he plans to pay for them further adds to the intrigue. He's been labeled as the most liberal senator in the country. Even with his frenzied support now among his Democratic supporters, independents and Republicans may find themselves just as energized this fall to come out swinging and I mean swinging hard. He has mentioned nothing of substance to convince me he is little more than a populist demagogue that delivers eloquent speeches of questionable substance from within the confines of an empty suit. Even though the liberal mainstream media including the disasters of NBC, MSNBC, and CNN remain in the tank for him, the truth may in fact set him free. It may set him free from the constraints of winning the presidency.

One news report that troubled me came from the Missoula rally. As the reporter so poignantly set the mood, a supporter remained in the stands after Barack left the stage and wept. Yes, I said wept. I've cried before but not over an unproven politician that says nothing that hasn't been said at thousands of high school pep rallies across the country. It reminds of that scene from the hilarious airline spoof movie "Airplane." A woman finds out her flight is in trouble while strapped into her seat and starts panicking and wailing uncontrollably. She is driving everyone absolutely nuts and there is a line of people in the aisle wielding everything from pipes, baseball bats, and brass knuckles all too willing to quiet her unnecessary outbursts. If I'd been in Missoula after the rally, I may have been one of those people.

Have a great day.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Pregnant Man Story: How Low Can It Go?

I just happened to be asleep in my chair the other day and when I woke from my snoring slumber this is what I saw on the television screen a few feet away. I am neither a fan or drooling supporter of demagogue Oprah Winfrey in any way, shape, or form but I did watch the show if only for reasons of morbid fascination. It was through bad luck only the television found itself tuned to the CBS frequency. We must preface the high points of this article with an underlying theme that holds true under most scientific testing and analysis. Stupid is as stupid does. I'm pretty sure I learned that same theory in biology and church. Who knew? Okay, this image is just flat-ass creepy and that is only the beginning of this bizarre and appalling set of circumstances. Let's run through the facts before I begin chastising this person with inappropriate and politically insensitive sarcasm.

First we should clarify that this is not a pregnant man at all. This is a photograph of Thomas Beatie formerly known as Tracy when he was a girl growing up in Hawaii. Before she became a he there were beauty pageants and boyfriends. How would you like to be one of those guys? You're at home having a beer with your buddies and Oprah comes on. Hey Bill, I used to date him. After throwing up for hours I picture these guys playing Russian roulette with a .357 magnum and bottle of Chivas Regal. At the very least we're talking about hours of painful psychiatric therapy and strong prescription medications. Yes, he is pregnant because he is really a she. Beatie is a transgender male. Although born a female and living as a female for most of his/her life, he noted that when he woke in the mornings as a female he felt like a man. So I hypothesize that he ran to Home Depot, bought a circular saw, and playfully engaged in a double masectomy masking the pain with several vodka and testosterone cocktails. Then he/she visited one of those adult playthings stores and purchased an appropriate rubbery phallus and glued it to a generally appropriate area behind the zippered gates. Some needle and thread and voila that pretty much sews this case up. (I couldn't help it.) That is truly interesting. Now we're back to having the right to act on our feelings regardless of the consequences. I've wanted to get up many times and head over to my neighbor's house with a four foot section of cast iron pipe and beat him and his property senseless when a party kept me up most of the night. The point is I didn't act on that impulse. Why is this any different? I would have hurt my neighbor and this pregnancy will certainly damage the growing child for life.

Beatie was quoted as saying being pregnant as a male doesn't define who he is. It defines you're a freak. End of that story. During Beatie's "transition" he chose to keep his internal female reproductive organs because he thought he may want a child but apparently not in his natural form of a biological female. How selfish and morally inept was that decision? It travels the same path as the argument I have with homosexuals adopting and raising children. If all established norms find themselves eviscerated under theories of moral equivalence, where do we timidly and tentatively form any baseline of decency even if only infintismal? Beatie is married to a middle aged woman with two grown daughters of her own. Her voice is deeper and mannerisms seem quite masculine if you're keeping score at home. Homosexuals and this transgender couple claim that their lifestyle is somehow the result of some biologic progression. It is naturally buried within an individual's DNA or so say the promoters of gaydom. Homosexuals won't define their actions as a lifestyle choice because they claim biology is overriding social norms. If biology is at the root of homosexuality and transgender science, why don't homosexuals agree that they simply can't have children because it falls beyond the borders of the natural science fence they put themselves behind? It is not natural or biologically possible for same sex couples to have children. Remember when gays hung their hats on the study that noted scientists believed some male sheep were gay? I could always tell because they were the ones at the feed trough wearing pink leg warmers. What if biology and personal choice spiraled out of control? What if everyone and everything became inclined naturally or otherwise to pursue same sex relationships. All species of flora and fauna become extinct. My point is that their argument is as ridiculous as what I've just noted. Same sex relationships and the desire for children violate the most basic of natural principles yet most fighting in the political arena for gay rights claim it is a God-given right to have your cake and eat it too.

I'm wondering how long it takes a scientist or doctor living in any old American town to skip down the street to a retarded neighbor's home. Some medical study will pay for the use of this unwitting person to breed a chimpanzee or gorilla. I wonder how long before Oprah aired that episode. Do you see my point? Maybe you have a person you know that wants to marry a goat or have sexual relations in public with his 1983 Buick Skylark. How can we accept one form of supposed biologic relationship based on progression and not others? I don't see how the train won't just steamroll off the tracks. Oprah noted in her interview with Beatie and his/her wife that this is a "new definition of what diversity means for everybody." Not for me Oprah. I am not filled with the absolute hubris that Oprah is nor will I cast such generalized statements in that glib fashion. As far as I'm concerned, if Beatie wants to have a baby as a transgender male he can just play the "natural" game to the end. He must deliver the baby as a male would if a male could. Let's see how Thomas/Tracy Beatie handles a rectal delivery. I imagine it would be something like passing a bowling ball or coffee maker. Maybe after that being pregnant won't hold the same nonsensical allure it does now. Instead of making high pitched squealing appearances on Oprah he'll be the lifelong spokesperson for Preparation H. It's just that silly.

Apparently we're traveling into uncharted territory. The lines are so blurry I'm afraid that any act can now be achieved regardless of personal accountability or social acceptance. The religion of science now replaces the very foundations we've built civilization on. There are no more norms and traditional values based on Christian principles. I quite think George Washington or John Adams would shutter uncontrollably. Those in my non-progressive conservative camp are now the established minority and our persecution will follow. Mark my words.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

U.S. Energy Policy Spirals Downward

I write today to appease my father's desire to lambast U.S. energy and agricultural officials and chastise the global environmental alarmist movement. That seems like a heck of a lot of work for a Sunday but I'll give it the old college try. Unfortunately our energy policy will be tied to carbon dioxide emissions and the yet to be honestly debated global warming theory until the last dog dies. Did I mention that not only are the scholars and scientists that oppose the "consensus" theory given no voice in any debate format they are branded as hacks by media surrogates even though many of them have far more impressive credentials than Al Gore's all too agenda driven lap dogs. If many of the proposals burped up by the environmentally friendly politicians and presidential candidates come to pass, I for one believe the end of our free market economy as we know it is close at hand.

The problems associated with intertwining energy policy with the whole "earth turns to fire" prognostication are at the very least dangerous when viewed broadly. Even the EPA acknowledged when issuing a notice of proposed rule-making that rapid and poorly researched regluations for instant emissions controls on cars and trucks cripples everything from corporate America to mom and pop operations serving as the backbone of competitive enterprise in this country. First of all, heads are in the sand if anyone believes there will be an overnight shift from fossil fuels to alternative sources of energy. If every available acre suitable for the production of corn was seeded exclusively for the production of ethanol used in weaning us from gasoline consumption, it would constitute only 9% of the fuel utilized now. Even with aggressive conservation methods we are stuck trying to develop a source for the other 90% (and growing) need. That means no affordable corn feed for cattle and hog producers and food-based corn costs would skyrocket beyond exorbinant levels. What about the taxpayer and tax break dollars already flowing to corn producers and producers of biofuels? Where in this picture does the consumer get a break? Is it one of the tenets of the environmental movement to ensure the wealth and liquidity of large corn producers while you and I still pay inflated prices at the pump and grocery store for food now in short supply because of its fuel value? Most concerning to me is that we are contemplating a major investment in technologies that are still relatively new and unproven. The questions just keep on coming too. Changing corn to ethanol is extremely expensive and inefficient. It takes as much or more energy to produce a gallon of ethanol than the finished product itself gives us. Recently concerns about biofuel emissions and its effects on warming have come up. I'm hesitant to spend all this money on unproven technologies only to have the controlling environmentalists tell us we're still killing the planet. Maybe we should just scale down to loin cloths and clubs and forage for our food. I'm not really kidding, is this what they want?

As a rule of thumb we've been importing about 14 million barrels of oil a day at a cost of $340 billion dollars a year from countries and zealots that would happily enjoy our collapse and participate in a festive round of beheading. Little do you hear in the way of gigantic oil reserves our own government has outlawed us from recovering in the Atlantic Ocean. We've in quite cowardly fashion slithered away from refuge drilling by extremely environmentally and eco-friendly processes. China and India can of course pursue that which we've stupidly castrated ourselves from obtaining but they're entitled right? Oh, and they're modern industrialists that have a handle on pollution controls right? They're responsible for more direct particulate emission than we ever dreamed of. Have you seen the air in Beijing (cough, cough)? When is the last time you've heard about the vast supplies of oil in the Bakken field of North Dakota, Montana, and South Dakota? 175 to 500 billion barrels of recoverable oil are waiting to be horizontally drilled out of the Earth in an environmentally friendly way but apparently the American consumer isn't worth the effort or doesn't deserve the information. Do you ever hear about the vast reserves available on the Wyoming and Utah border, the new formations in the Gulf of Mexico, and a million others the environmental propagandists don't want you to hear about? I hate to sound like Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy Theory" but understand you and I have been deemed unworthy by our government and those that control it.

Does it bother you to know that states like Montana with vast reserves of coal get the thumbs down from environuts even if the technology is available to sequester carbon dioxide emissions? Has anyone told you the break consumers would get when clean coal to diesel technology was up and running and decreasing our reliance on foreign energy thus driving down energy costs for everyone participating in the economy? No you haven't heard because they don't want you to. I guess bozo politicians figure we've ran a dismal trade deficit for this long, why change a good thing? I'd start fashioning that loin cloth if I were you. Don't even mention clean nuclear power to envirocons. Regardless of its "clean" potential they just don't like it. Seems to me they're more about control than solutions. Nuclear power if allowed to benefit from a reduction in mind numbing regulatory barriers can be an effective form of energy production. Collecting berries on a windswept hillside can be a marvelous family outing or so I've heard. Although contrary to popular belief, most of the profits from big oil benefit American investor's 401K's and not a small group of corporate demons. Still, with the record profits I believe the time is now to cut oil subsidies as currently structured. If you want to use subsidies and tax breaks as an incentive, do it by requiring the major oil companies to invest in their infrastructure and the manufacture of refineries. Therein lies a great deal of costs associated with the farce theory of "supply and demand."

Perhaps the most dangerous element regarding upcoming energy policy changes revolve around the carbon tax and cap and trade issues. Let's scale this down for dummies like me. Every business, large or small, mom or pop, farm or ice cream shop will inherit a tax passed on to them by energy producers penalized through hidden taxes for the production of fossil fuel energy. Basically the government would allow energy producers to produce a set limit of energy. After that limit is exceeded by increased demand from consumers, the energy producer can purchase auctioned or allocated permits from other producers that haven't hit the imposed limit. Notice the permit terminology. It's a tax and it will be passed to you. By 2050 carbon taxes would in today's language equate to about $.50 per gallon. Don't fret though because you're going to pay it if you use natural gas, heating oil, or propane. It's an all-inclusive gotcha tax. Try to make money at your business and the government will happily take your profits on the backside through this carbon taxing process. I'll mention again that the whole carbon dioxide emissions tied to global warming alarmism is still an unproven theory. Isn't the government and the cerebrally challenged morons that run it a wonderful spectacle to bemuse?

At any rate I've just brushed the surface of these issues and each one could expand to pages and pages of dialogue and research. For now diesel hovers around $4.00 per gallon and biodiesel is the same. Sketchy science and production for the same price. If the trucking industry collapses due to high fuel prices and government inactivity the economy will follow long before we crown the next presidential dunce. I wonder if I should learn how to start speaking Chinese so I'm prepared for their takeover.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Illegal Immigration, Murder, and a Corrupt L.A. Mayor. The Southern California Cesspool Coming Soon to a City Near You.

I felt truly saddened when this story broke on March 2nd. Jamiel Shaw Jr., a 17 year old high school football standout and ostensibly good kid was brutally and viciously gunned down near his home in Los Angeles by an illegal immigrant punk named Pedro Espinoza who apparently was eager to earn his killer wings at the ripe old age of 19. Was young Jamiel Shaw a gang member in the wrong place at the wrong time? No. Did Jamiel Shaw flash incorrect gang signs at the car load of 18th Street Gang Latino thugs that passed him by on the street? No sir. Shaw reportedly had no gang affiliation. Jamiel Shaw did absolutely nothing to contribute to his untimely and tragic end.

There is a lot more to this story and we're going to discuss it. Some have easily pigeon-holed the issue as a "Latin gang members kill blacks and black gang members in the Crips and Bloods kill Latinos" but the issue reaches into the darkest recesses of our national immigration policy and specifically into the corruption of Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. The death of an innocent child in this way is senseless enough but to know that the United States government and specifically one corrupt politician did nothing to prevent the tragedy through the utilization of concrete policy steps bloodies the collective hands beyond measure. The mayor of L.A. should be hung from a yardarm in a public street to be spat upon. Wait until you learn about his current and past affiliations.

Where should we start? Let's start with the cowardly killer. Pedro Espinoza lived in our (not his) country illegally since the age of four. Now this mindless murderer spent little of his time slithering through back alleys in the City of Angels to avoid detection that might lead to his deportation. In fact he was well acquainted with our criminal justice system and proudly owned a rap sheet longer than the California coast. Did anyone bother to check his legal status in regards to his physical presence on U.S. soil or his ties to the violent 18th Street Gang? Apparently they missed that unimportant and minute detail. Immigration officials and law enforcement officers in L.A. County are too busy running around trying to do the impossible without offending anyone. To dig into the immigration issue in a sanctuary city or arrest someone that is not white will inevitably result in hours of press conferences and apologies that result in internal affairs investigations while crime runs rampant and unchecked. Yes the rumors are true. There are neighborhoods in east L.A. that cops do not enter unless accompanied by the equivalent of a military division. That should comfort God-fearing Angelinos.

The day before Espinoza murdered Jamiel Shaw, Jr. in cold blood he confidently strode out the doors of a detention facility in Los Angeles County just as pretty as you please. He just spent four luxurious and fun-filled months there on charges involving illegal weapons possession, assault, resisting arrest, and obstructing a peace officer. Classy huh? Now maybe it's just me but would it be beyond conception to think that in these modern times of lightning quick computer databases and electronic information transfer that somewhere along the line a "cross-check" or document verification system existed that would tell officials whether or not an inmate was a legal resident? Does it concern you to know an illegal immigrant, gang member, and defendant possessing a firearm with a violent record avoids detection while in CUSTODY? It frankly boggles my mind. I know, I know I just don't understand. That is way too much to ask for. After all California is and has been the Ellis Island for western illegal immigration since the dawn of man it seems. The city cowers in the shadow of illegal gang activities that leave the streets littered with rotting corpses both innocent and culpable. After the murder of young Shaw a U.S. Immigration and Customs officer explained away the agency's lackluster involvement by saying "the system isn't 100 percent." You got that right sister. I'd venture a guess and say our system isn't even 20 percent. At any rate, Espinoza finds some 18th Street Gang members to cruise the streets with doing nothing more than wasting oxygen fit for productive members of society. Maybe before the shooting they all cuddled and got some of those gay tattoos pictured above. While driving down the street they encounter young Jamiel Shaw walking on the sidewalk near his home. Espinoza slows the car and mutters in his best "hey dude" voice to Shaw, "Where you from?" Espinoza expects to hear an appropriate gang response but probably kills the young man regardless of an affirmation that did not come from Shaw's lips. Jamiel falls to the ground on the 2100 block of Fifth Avenue after being riddled with bullets as his father runs to cradle the dying child in his arms. Ironically, young Shaw dies near a tree he planted with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa three years ago. Let's move on to the second criminal in this case identified as Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Villaraigosa became the city's mayor in a 2005 runoff election against Mayor Hahn. Villaraigosa is a long time philanderer of absent morality that has publicly admitted to infidelity twice. I believe his wife finally filed for divorce after living with this jerk for however many years. She must have been sleeping with Prince Valium or the like to let it go that long. Villaraigosa is believed to be a mover and shaker in the Democratic Party and many believe he has his sights set on higher office. At the least the mover and shaker part is right if you include headboards as part of the shaking process. No wonder he's a Clinton supporter. I don't know if he smokes cigars or not but he claims his personal matters have no impact on how he manages the city. Yeah, the state of the city pretty much debunks that argument Romeo.

Villaraigosa has long believed in free borders in regards to illegal Mexican immigration. A kind of "more is better" policy if you will. When asked he refused to address the issue of illegal immigrant healthcare and the closing of many hospitals in the area due to the free treatment of illegals and the resulting budgetary collapses of several hospitals. He apparently believes that new Mexican blood infused into the city somehow promises a brighter tomorrow. I see it like an infestation of cockroaches on a mostly eaten cherry danish. Eventually the best part of the pastry is gone and the cockroaches have to feed off each other to survive. If you're a race card player out there stand still a moment. I do not think Mexicans here legally or illegally are cockroaches. I am making a symbolic analogy and any comments to the contrary validate you are not intellectually competent to contribute to the discussion. We press onward.

While in college in southern California Villaraigosa participated in and retained proud membership in MEChA. I don't get the small "h" either but that's how it's listed. This is the nearly or soon to be militant wing of the illegal immigration support movement that not only wants to overrun the southwestern United States with an influx of illegal Mexicans but literally wants to reclaim this part of our country and place it under Mexican rule. They want to reclaim as they put it "Aztlan." Yeah folks, that's who the mayor of Los Angeles is and the pursuit of vanity is his indulgence. It's kind of like putting Michael Jackson in charge of a home for runaway boys. Yet the media considers him a darling and none of the Hollywood nitwits speak out against him. That's because those that control the money and media in Lalaland are rich and liberal elitists that feign compassion for those elements in society deemed as less fortunate as long as the resultant filth doesn't spill pass the gated entries to their palatial estates. Mayor Villaraigosa is a bad man that represents the denigration of any moral code however insignificant that provides stability and direction to a city, state, or country and the tax paying inhabitants. He should be banished to Cuba or the like.

How does it end? I don't think it does. At best we might be forced to struggle to stem the flow of this mutating plague. Do we have to amend the Constitution and take to the streets with our own military to wipe out gangs in the country with extreme prejudice? It's not that far fetched of a call to action. Do we rise up and physically remove corrupt politicians like L.A.'s mayor? Where is the line drawn between anarchy and the salvation of our city streets? People elected the mayor with their right to vote but do they have to die and be violated before a change can be made? What do we do? How do we stop it? The time to pray is now. Action rather than hollow words may be all that is left if the very idea of hope itself is to survive.

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