Sunday, August 13, 2006

Those bad heterosexuals

Oh boy, most of the banter will probably have subsided by the time I write this. I do not support a homosexual lifestyle based on my Biblical beliefs (mine, not yours) and that makes me a bigot. Homosexual couples do not support a heterosexual lifestyle (obviously) but they are not bigots, they are "enlightened." Don't you dare disagree with them and their lifestyle, you probably will be accused of supporting slavery in the next sentence.

I would never harm, talk down to, or denigrate any homosexual. If they wanted my opinion, I would give it to them and try my best to put my views in the best light. I would work with them and live next to them without any conflict or opposition. The lifestyle is their choice, not mine. I do not have to support that lifestyle nor believe it is right based on the media's slant or a secularist's agenda. I have that right. I don't care to have a gay pride parade splashed across the screen with most participants dressed in drag.(that has been my observation of tape shot by news channels) If there was a heterosexual pride parade we "bigots" would be burned at the stake. What about a heterosexual parade where I dressed up like my wife and she dressed up like me? I wonder about the response.

After all, I cannot see any scientific support of how "natural" it is for homosexuals to have children. Sure they can love and provide monetary support for children but doesn't the whole process fly in the face of Darwin's natural selection and Evolution theories? Forget about religion. Is procreation now taken out of the "natural" process? Ten years ago it was common for gay rights advocates to quote the scientific research of male sheep that were characterized as homosexual after much study. I've never seen two buck sheep raise or nurse a lamb, though. In quoting the protections provided for all by the Constitution's framers, keep in mind that things are probably better now for gay rights advocates than they would have been in 1776 and thereafter. Freedom from religious persecution as intended at THAT TIME meant you weren't forced to go to church but you were expected to. There probably were few openly gay couples then and if there were, historical accounts say the treatment of them by society was less than stellar.

The history of our country and the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are based on the Judaeo/Christian belief systems. I get a kick out of modern liberals who seem to think that religion must be banished from the public discourse. The history and founding of our country is "awash" in religion. That is not my mandate; it is simply historical fact. I am sorry if the hyper-sensitive crowd gets their feelings hurt by anyone that disagrees with them and says they have religious beliefs. You can say what you want about anti-gay people being bigoted for having personal convictions but in this modern culture your venomous speech against heterosexuals with beliefs (usually kept to ourselves) is openly attacked and usually endorsed by the mainstream media. Shame on all of you.