Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bad Decisions Lead to Chaos and Tragedy

It seems two stories involving the murder of wives/lovers and children by fathers/lovers verify suspicions that our society finds itself infested by moral decay. Both men have been arrested and charged with the murders of their children and in one case a spouse and in the other a female mistress. They are innocent until proven guilty but let's proceed with the discussion from the standpoint of if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is probably a duck.
The body of Jesse Davis was found on Saturday in the remote woods of a park 25 miles from her home in Canton, OH. A married police officer, Bobby Cutts, Jr. is the father of the unborn child in the deceased woman's womb and thus he has been charged with two counts of murder. As I understand it he is also the father of a two year old that apparently watched the murder take place, allegedly at the hands of his own father. Media interviews have rightly captured the tormented family's grief and suffering at wondering to what end their loved one succumbed to. It is simply gruesome to visualize a father killing his lover and unborn child in front of his two year old and then leaving the child in the home. But why did she have not one but two children with a man that apparently was proud of popping out children and walking away from them as if they were unwanted pets? What in the hell was wrong with her? She chose to have children with a deadbeat and the results of her terrible decision making equals death and a lifetime of chaos for her living child. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson rant against bimbo Paris Hilton's special treatment but abandon their own and fail to call for responsibility in what has become a fatherless culture based on selfish moral relativism. The lack of accountability eats us from the inside out yet the media and politicians strive for legislating morals and principles out of daily discourse. I'm telling you, it's the fall of the Roman Empire all over again.
How about the white guy that pulls over on a frontage road and kills his wife and children, leaves the murder weapon at the scene, and flags down a motorist telling them his family just got killed. It wouldn't take a very seasoned investigator to smell a rat in the first 12 seconds of this investigation. They killed your family and left the gun but miracuously you escaped and preserved evidence for us. There shouldn't even be a trial in this case. The only way this idiot escapes justice is if a liberal appeals court throws out his conviction because the cops put his handcuffs on too tight or if the jailer provided him with only one blanket instead of two prior to sentencing. Before a public hanging of this horror of a man, I would recommend the public return of caning so he can feel his flesh burn just like his family felt the searing of the bullets in their bodies. Can you imagine the shock and horror in the children's eyes as they watched their father prepare to murder them? The all-American family with a nice home, income, and life uprooted by sociopathic rage. What do you bet there was another woman involved? I am sure that short of this man being a blood brother to Ted Bundy there was some selfish motive and irresponsible desire that he allowed to consume him.
Nothing that could happen to these two despicable (if found guilty of course and blah, blah, blah after much waste of taxpayer time and money) human beings equals what waits for them beyond their own graves. I hope they like the heat.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Love Those New Neighbors!!!

What ever happened to the words respect and responsibility? I think that they have been removed from the dictionary in the last 40 years.

We have some new neighbors and boy are they testing the whole neighborhood. It only takes one household on the block to make life miserable for the whole neighborhood.

It is nice that the Neighborhood Watch program was developed in the past years in the bigger cities. It gives people a chance to know who and what kind of people are living in the area. It provides a sense of security knowing that others are watching out for any unwanted activity too.

When you work hard to keep your property looking nice and your new neighbors just let the yard go and let the trash built up it is sad. It just makes your property look run down too. You mow the lawn, water and try to keep your yard weed free and they don't..... There is a large plastic water bottle that has been lying at the curb for a week now and they are too lazy to put it in the garbage. They smoke and park in front of my property, therefore I get the privilage of sweeping up all their cigarette butts that they dump out on my front curb.

I have been without sleep since they bought the property. There is always more activity there after midnight than there is all day. They sit out all night and drink and the more they drink the louder they get. I am sure that isn't all that is taking place because there are way too many people coming and going all night long. The average person doesn't have that many people visit their home in a month let alone one day. So what does that tell you? Illegal Activity? I am sure there is.... I am just waiting for the right sign.

All the guys next door that come and go dress with the baggy pants that are about to fall off, skull caps and none are caucasion. I know that one of the people that comes there is of a Mexican gang that is well known in the city. They have been associated with shootings and a murder lately.

They all drive newer model vehicles that are in the higher price range. I bet only one that I have seen has dent in it. There are vehicles there that are licensed from three different states. Isn't it interesting that they all know one another?

Then there is the issue of the child. The little boy is awake and up with them most of the time. He is running around outside and playing until after midnight. Maybe I am a little old fashioned but I don't think that is a healthy environment for a child. I am watching....

Now is this the kind of neighbor you want?

This is only Week #1!!!!

It is going to be a long summer I can tell.......

Signed..... Mrs. Montana Conservative

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ghost Stories

I am beginning the book on hauntings, some of it will be creative fiction and other stories within the compilation will be based on stories related to me by real people with real experiences. Exciting isn't it! I was shocked to learn how many people and families had old ghost stories that circulated over the years and became a legend.

What I would like from people reading the blog is if they'd take one minute and leave me a comment if they can recall any ghost stories and strange happenings within their family. Maybe you or someone you know had a strange encounter at a cemetery or recently purchased home. Just take a minute and leave a comment or an entire story I don't care. The book consists of several short stories so who knows, your story might find publication. I may add to it or "round" it out as they say but if the story is good enough, you'll have no doubt it's yours when you read it.

I can tell you from some of the stories already written down that real people have had bizarre and "haunted" encounters. Whether or not you remain a scientific skeptic is up to you but to the people I've spoken to, there is no doubt that what they related to me is very real. I'm hoping that when the book is done you'll have no idea which of the elements are related to me as true and which I've taken an artist's license with. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Insurance or Extortion

Insurance policies often read like the pompous legal jargon drafted by Supreme Court clerks. "Whereat thou art hither informed whereas lessor fore gos subsequent liability for actions unintended by insurer's payee. Hallelujah" You can certainly catch my drift. You can hire an expensive attorney to interpret the worthless ambiguities or simply accept the policy's terms as stated regardless of the hidden surprises contained within. The major insurance companies in this country exist for one reason and one reason only. They make billions ripping us off and our government protects them and encourages that behavior.

What happens when you buy a vehicle and are forced to insure it for the amount stated in the retail installment contract? Unless you buy an ADDITIONAL gap policy to cover any deficiencies, the insurance company pays you according to their interpretations of fair market value if you sustain a total loss. Your pickup may be a 2007 but the insurance company is basing their numbers on a comparable model produced in 1946. You may owe $20,000.00 on your vehicle but guess what Jack, you're getting a check for half that much.

On your home owner's policy you better damn well insure your contents above and beyond the basic parameters listed in the meat of your policy. An act of God can cost you thousands. Let's say a rogue swarm of locusts invades the interior of your home and soils all the contents in your home. Your policy won't cover it unless you pay more for a separate contents insurance policy. Even then the company probably won't pay for the damages unless they get through to God on the first ring.

Don't you love getting quotes from insurance agents? They quote you $120.00 per month over the phone and when your bill arrives it usually adds up to much more. They conveniently left out items like "other" charges, "other" premiums, and servicing fees. How about the roof on your house? You faithfully pay home owner's premiums for 20 years and two hail storms in the last 10 years forced you to replace your roof twice. Your premiums and deductibles are going through the roof mister man. Insurance companies believe YOU are responsible for not only the storm destroying your property but also your failure to design some sort of invisible shield around your home protecting it from harm. Insurance companies are there to help you as long as you pay your premiums on time, accept outrageous deductibles, and ask no pertinent questions. When it comes time for them to pay a claim and put their money where their mouth is, expect well written denials capable of interpretation from only Perry Mason or Chief Justice John Roberts. Most insurance companies will continue to deny legitimate claims because they know you do not possess the financial means to take them on. They simply wait you out until you limp away with tail tucked firmly between your legs.

I for one enjoy paying increased premiums so that people living in high risk hurricane areas and flood ravaged lowlands can get plenty of practice building their homes over and over and over again. Insurance companies keep insuring them because it's their ancestral land and they WANT to live there. They pay exorbinant premiums and you pay increased premiums because it's just so cool for them to live on the Gulf Coast. It seems quite a smart view of reality doesn't it?

Now the government wants to socialize healthcare even more than it is already. That's good news. Let Washington D.C. get involved in the cesspool of modern health coverages because Congress and government in general is such an efficient and wise old sage at spending taxpayer money. I can't wait to see those results.

Look at what trucking companies pay to be ripped off by insurance providers and government regulators. One tractor-trailer combination costs an operator around $650.00 per month and this is justified because "government" studies determine them to be a high risk venture. A few crappy studies based on junk science force these operators to pay criminal premiums so that highway and vehicle inspectors have a concrete rationalization for maintaining their smug arrogance in inspecting and fining the operators for even more greenbacks. Meanwhile, an 80 year old man in a 40 foot motorhome passes the weigh scale at 75 miles per hour pulling a boat and second trailer full of Geritol. Not only does he not possess a commercial driver's license but he gets insurance breaks because he'll be dead soon and insurance companies are happy to bilk him too until the bitter end. Are you really worried about "large vehicle" safety? Why don't you ask regulators in your state how many school busses are equipped with safety belts for the children riding on them? At last check the number was about 20%. Insurance is about money and so is a government's view on protecting you by harrassing and criminally regulating commercial operators that drive our economy. Meanwhile, a government venture like an unsafe school bus gets a free pass. The next time you see a safety inspector "protecting you" from unsafe equipment remember the government and insurance companies are happy to jump into bed together. Safety in America is spelled MONEY.