Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Seattle Massacre

Once again a Montana or former Montana resident has made our state infamous. I wonder which gun company will face the fire now. Apparently Whitefish residents who knew this Huff kid say they are shocked he could perpetrate such a vile crime. He did, according to reports, shotgun a statue of a moose in the Kalispell area a couple of years ago so at least we know he had the propensity and knowledge to be active with a shotgun. Obviously some circuit somewhere had a short in it. I will not blame the victims in this case but I hope their parents are asking themselves, "Why in the hell didn't I know where my kid was all night?", or "Why did I let my kid attend an all night rave party?" If you disarm yourself and put yourself in the proximity of a grizzly bear sow and jump up and down, you might get eaten.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Global Warming

I was watching "Real Time with Bill Maher" and successfully controlling my gag reflex as he went on a "Gore-like" diatribe concerning global warming. Look. I want a clean, healthy environment too. Is the globe warming because of us? Maybe, I don't know I'm not a climatologist. The liberals are quick to point the finger of damnation at corporate America (the same corporate America that signs Maher's paycheck) but they aren't as willing to reciprocate the other side of the story. Maher never once mentioned that 97% of greenhouse gases come from volcanic emissions. Why don't Maher and Gore climb every Pacific Rim volcano and shovel their respective holes shut? Of the remaining 3% of gases that we (corporations included) contribute to the "greenhouse" effect, how is it that we aren't a little cleaner than we used to be? Our old 76' wagon had a big carb and no fuel injection and got 8mpg instead of a more modern 20 mpg. Also, would someone more scientifically astute than I tell me if it's possible that the Earth and its atmosphere are just changing because it's time or it wants too? Several areas are warmer, several are cooler, some are drier, and some are wetter. At any rate, the typical liberal response is to stop the economy in its tracks, shut down production, and return to a time of loin cloths and clubs for foraging food.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Immigration madness?

I am not sure if the recent immigration protests in large American cities are humouous or not. At least 80,000 Hispanic workers did not show up for work the day of the protest marches. My first reaction is "fire them." Long story short, lax immigration policies have put the entire situation in a bind. Congress is considering making illegal stays in our country a felony, something well overdue I surmise. One Hispanic woman was quoted as saying, "My husband is an illegal immigrant and if he is deported, how will I support myself and our four children?" Maybe you should've thought of that prior to moving in and sucking local public assistance dry. Maybe creating four mouths to feed knowing your husband is an illegal immigrant was a poor and risky decision. Time will tell.