Saturday, April 29, 2006

ILLEGAL immigration boycott

At first I was mildly annoyed by this past month's protest marches filled with rhetoric spoken in Spanish, upside down American flags, and a bunch of baggy pants carrying the Mexican flag up and down U.S. streets. This Spanish language version of the national anthem is the last straw for me. I hope any worker, illegal or otherwise, that skips work to participate in a march that is intended to cripple the economy these same protesters find safe haven in, are fired and hopefully deported immediately. Spanish kids that skip school to participate in this embarrassing march, I hope you are expelled and take up protests in China or something. Good luck with that language. I hate to see my tax dollars going to the "Mexican conversion" of our schools anyway. To be fair, maybe the illegal immigrants and their "huervos rancheros" supporters will be truly circumspect and honorable ruining the economy (ruining the economy because they are plugging the streets blocking transportation routes). I hope their focus is truly well rounded and they boycott all U.S. businesses like emergency rooms, food stamp lines, classrooms (tuition free) and refraining from driving cars on our streets without licenses. I went from wanting a secure border fence to a big thick wall lined with electric conduit. I would put up big warning signs, don't touch or else in "Mexican". If someone tried or if many tried, a nighttime flight overhead would expose what looked to be a giant bug zapper protecting our borders and the rights of America's legal middle class. "NO HABLA ESPANOL"

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Montana and Senator Burns

Please comment on your opinion of Senator Conrad Burns. "Time" magazine ranked the senator in the bottom five and ranked Massachusetts Senator Edward Ted Kennedy in the top five of United States senators. No real surprise there. Do you think Burns should be reelected? Do you believe in term limits, regardless of your support for individual politicians? Do you think a majority of mainstream journalists and college educators maintain liberal ideologies? What is your opinion of current and past farm bills and the issue of farmer subsidies and relief?

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Duke University

Defense attorneys have come forward and proclaimed to the press that no positive DNA linking the alleged lacrosse players to the sexual assault of a black student/stripper was obtained after an extensive evidence search. The local district attorney came forward and said that the case was not over, signifying that perhaps enough evidence existed to go forward with a case against one or more of the players. The case has divided the Duke campus and the city of Durham. One of the lacrosse players was not tested because he is a black man and the victim specifically stated that her assailant(s) were white. The victim's brother held a press conference stating that the general public is trying to make his sister the guilty party by portraying her as "just a stripper." He further stated that she is an exotic dancer and student and works to provide for her family. Why not get a job as a bank teller or clerk? If you don't jump in the pool you probably won't get wet. Two things, maybe three. First, if any lacrosse player commited sexual assault or sexual intercourse without consent (Montana statute terminology) then prosecute and convict them. Second, if the alleged victim had been a white girl and excluded the lone white player and said her assailant(s) were black the airwaves would be jammed on CNN with full length interviews of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson railing against the stereotyping of black men as criminals. There is a double standard in this country you know. Third, personal behavior does matter. No, a women who is a mother who is a stripper does not deserve to be assaulted sexually or otherwise. Her personal choices did, however, put her in danger. Her activities are conducive with the "welling up" of the seediest elements and behaviors in society.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Meth Rehabilitation

The Montana Department of Corrections is publicizing it's plan to place convicted methamphetamine addicts into two not for profit treatment facilities in Boulder and Lewistown. Director Slaughter claims that this program will in the end be cheaper than traditional incarceration in the Montana prison system. Second, the corrections department is committed to breaking meth's grip on these offenders.

Let's remember to keep our priorities straight. If this program saves the taxpayers money while ensuring that these supposedly recovering addicts cannot wander through the populace, I say go for it. Saving money should be the paramount objective. The dismal treatment record for meth addiction speaks for itself. I've had meth addicts incarcerated in my jail and this method of denied access to meth worked quite well too. It is not that expensive to lock a meth addict in a padded cell and watch the treatment process begin. The result is the same.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


How we take our mobility for granted! I broke my arm last week and boy does it affect my typing speed. I broke my radius bone in five places and knocked the head off the ulna bone in a fall. The injury required surgery and the addition of a permanent plate to my body. I am hoping to get this blog into more circulation and am just wondering how to do it. Anyway my wife has been kind enough to do my typing so we'll continue posting as long as I can afford to pay her salary.