Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Love Those New Neighbors!!!

What ever happened to the words respect and responsibility? I think that they have been removed from the dictionary in the last 40 years.

We have some new neighbors and boy are they testing the whole neighborhood. It only takes one household on the block to make life miserable for the whole neighborhood.

It is nice that the Neighborhood Watch program was developed in the past years in the bigger cities. It gives people a chance to know who and what kind of people are living in the area. It provides a sense of security knowing that others are watching out for any unwanted activity too.

When you work hard to keep your property looking nice and your new neighbors just let the yard go and let the trash built up it is sad. It just makes your property look run down too. You mow the lawn, water and try to keep your yard weed free and they don't..... There is a large plastic water bottle that has been lying at the curb for a week now and they are too lazy to put it in the garbage. They smoke and park in front of my property, therefore I get the privilage of sweeping up all their cigarette butts that they dump out on my front curb.

I have been without sleep since they bought the property. There is always more activity there after midnight than there is all day. They sit out all night and drink and the more they drink the louder they get. I am sure that isn't all that is taking place because there are way too many people coming and going all night long. The average person doesn't have that many people visit their home in a month let alone one day. So what does that tell you? Illegal Activity? I am sure there is.... I am just waiting for the right sign.

All the guys next door that come and go dress with the baggy pants that are about to fall off, skull caps and none are caucasion. I know that one of the people that comes there is of a Mexican gang that is well known in the city. They have been associated with shootings and a murder lately.

They all drive newer model vehicles that are in the higher price range. I bet only one that I have seen has dent in it. There are vehicles there that are licensed from three different states. Isn't it interesting that they all know one another?

Then there is the issue of the child. The little boy is awake and up with them most of the time. He is running around outside and playing until after midnight. Maybe I am a little old fashioned but I don't think that is a healthy environment for a child. I am watching....

Now is this the kind of neighbor you want?

This is only Week #1!!!!

It is going to be a long summer I can tell.......

Signed..... Mrs. Montana Conservative


Shane C. Mason said...

Yes, and I am sure that it is quiet the neighborhood. Hate to spoil that.

GeeGuy said...

Email me, and I can give you some hints.

Anonymous said...

If you would like I can provide a link to the KKK's on-line uniform and religious paraphernalia store exclusively used by co-conflicted bigots hiding behind intellect consuming ignorance and self righteous masturbation.

Keep your powder dry sister you'll get the chance to rid you're neighborhood of the interlopers.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

some neighbors are just great aren't they. we had a single mother with 7 kids next to us once. all but 3 kids had different fathers. And then to make matters worse the daughters had children all born of different fathers. very interesting. I am glad to say they have moved on. ( to low income housing) O well I am ride of them. Good luck You WILL have peace again soon.

Anonymous said...

Why is there always children involved!? That kid will grow up to be - just like them. It's so sad.

Anonymous said... in California the dirty neighbors are the conservatives on the block. The have a neon michelob sign in their upstairs window right next to the sarah palin sign. I kindly asked them to remove the michelob sign and they told me "I talked like a fag." Nice. Maybe it's better in Montana? Please advise.

Anonymous said...

Hello Montana

this only the begining. I live in California and believe me there is more, more, more, and more coming. Ask utah, Rhode island, and Arizona. All your schools will have 98% Your neighbors. All your tax dollars will go to them, your hospitals will close and what work you have will belong to them. you have approximately 5 years before they call the rest of the village to come to your haven.