Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Seattle Massacre

Once again a Montana or former Montana resident has made our state infamous. I wonder which gun company will face the fire now. Apparently Whitefish residents who knew this Huff kid say they are shocked he could perpetrate such a vile crime. He did, according to reports, shotgun a statue of a moose in the Kalispell area a couple of years ago so at least we know he had the propensity and knowledge to be active with a shotgun. Obviously some circuit somewhere had a short in it. I will not blame the victims in this case but I hope their parents are asking themselves, "Why in the hell didn't I know where my kid was all night?", or "Why did I let my kid attend an all night rave party?" If you disarm yourself and put yourself in the proximity of a grizzly bear sow and jump up and down, you might get eaten.