Friday, April 07, 2006

Meth Rehabilitation

The Montana Department of Corrections is publicizing it's plan to place convicted methamphetamine addicts into two not for profit treatment facilities in Boulder and Lewistown. Director Slaughter claims that this program will in the end be cheaper than traditional incarceration in the Montana prison system. Second, the corrections department is committed to breaking meth's grip on these offenders.

Let's remember to keep our priorities straight. If this program saves the taxpayers money while ensuring that these supposedly recovering addicts cannot wander through the populace, I say go for it. Saving money should be the paramount objective. The dismal treatment record for meth addiction speaks for itself. I've had meth addicts incarcerated in my jail and this method of denied access to meth worked quite well too. It is not that expensive to lock a meth addict in a padded cell and watch the treatment process begin. The result is the same.