Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mideast "Crisis"

More violence and bloodshed engulf the Middle East as the Israeli army looks to eradicate the terror group Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. The sooner the better we hope. Of course Iran's and Syria's fingerprints are all over the rocket attacks perpetrated against Israeli cities by the Muslim radicals. Actually the rockets hurled at Israel have the Chinese stamp on them. Who'd believe it! Let's not forget to throw in Russia too. After all, they are sitting back and waiting for the crisis to reach epidemic proportions and that the oil market will collapse. This will strengthen their economic position in the world and with Iran on the transportation and sales of crude oil. That Putin is a charming and shrewd little rascal, isn't he? Let's get two things straight.

1. There will never be peace between Islamists and the Judaeo Christian belief systems, never. There is not meant to be. The sooner we accept it and develop a battle plan to live with it the better. If living with it means stomping the radical Islamists out, then so be it.

2. We need to withdraw from any and all participation in the United Nations. The U.N. is a corrupt and inept organization incapable of handling disputes between its janitorial staff. Russia and China have veto power on the security council? What progress can be achieved? It's like playing tic tac toe with Stephen Hawking. You just can't win. We simply need to remain the military superpower we are and force the world and our own citizens that contrary to the media's portrayal of American values, we are still the most productive, generous, and benevolent country in the world. Enough said.