Friday, December 28, 2007

More Middle Eastern Peace and Harmony

How bad does it have to get if you're a minority supporter of the now deceased and recently embalmed Ms. Bhutto? I mean you spend all day herding goats through lifeless craters and a geographic nothingness that makes the surface of the moon seem tropical and cozy. You adhere to a culture driven by zealots and crazy fundamentalists and as faithful supporters, you and Youseffs like you only hop frantically in the streets in the vapors of a foul cultural aftermath, alive or dead desperately searching for something that might be real even if Ms. Bhutto really was not real. The whole Middle East is such a drowning cesspool of filth and disgust isolated from growth or belief in a future thanks to the adherence and belief in a false religion which best suits the 5th century.
And to top it off, she dies completely accidentally. Some crazy homicide bomber straps it on, fires a few shots, and blows himself to hell in several small chunks but doesn't kill his target. Instead she dies from a skull fracture inflicted by a sunroof lever, inflicted upon taking cover from this crazy killer. I'm all for trying to see celebrities but in the Middle East I might think twice. "No Ahmed, I'd like to see her but I think I'll just stay here in the room and enjoy my goat burger while watching Al-Jazeera." What a crazy place.

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