Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hillary Clinton, January 31, 2008 Debate

Liar. Cheat. Windbag. Viper. Abortion. Posterwoman. Vile. Communist. Socialist. Codependent. Sneak. Thief. Venomous. Divisive. Control. Redistribute. Big. Government. Tax. Spend. Immoral. Dove. Coward. Irresponsible. Relativism. Hollywood. Forced. Healthcare. Decreased. Liberty. Terrorism. Danger. Dialogue. Mistake. Carrot. Failure. William Jefferson. Disaster. My Money. Gone. My Freedom. Evaporated.

Thank You and please BEWARE.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Love it! You forgot to mention that she's just plain creepy and weird and possibly a man.