Sunday, February 17, 2008

Barack Obama? Could Hillary be right? I shudder.

I must not be completely rid of my recent bout with influenza yet. Apparently during a moment of viral haze I wandered into the garage and consumed either weed spray or really old paint chips. I actually agree with Hillary Clinton! The conservative voices alive and dead that so delicately formed my social and fiscal outlook must be spinning in the grave or at the very least choking on their Rainbow Stew. Hillary Clinton, the great socialist Satan and me the great right wing nut job in agreement? If I had the poison pill I'd probably swallow it.

As Hillary finds herself behind in the delegate count this week and more importantly further behind in the momentum count, the gloves are coming off her bony pointed fingers. Basically Hillary and I agree on one substantive point regarding Barack Bob Shiny Pants. Barack's message and leadership skills are based on what? Yeah that's a cricket chirping and a pin dropping. Oh no, the room goes silent. I've been saying it for some time because early in the primary process I didn't really believe Barack had a legitimate shot at the Democratic nomination. Barack is all snake oil and no substance. I think he enters a speech event full of doe-eyed elitists that want to feel so good about themselves for electing the first African American president that they forget to ask themselves if he's qualified. We'll get back to the race thing in a minute.

What exactly is it about old Shiny Pants? He's a nice looking guy and talented speaker or "communicator" but what is he communicating? I can guarantee you he is passing along nothing of substance. I want to change Washington, I want to change our place in the world, I want to change underwear. My God people you're electing the leader of the free world here not the next American Idol. Oh wait, he's a lawyer. That's good news. So is Hillary and her corrupt significant other the one and only old "Slick Willie Magic Zipper." Lawyers are at the root of all evil that is the modern House of Representatives and Senate in Washington D.C. What else qualifies Barack? He's such a great communicator in reaching out and touching our soul. Yeah? Lassie reached out and touched my soul when she found little Jimmy in the well but I didn't run out and paint "Lassie for President" signs either.

Has Barack sponsored one piece of legislation during his extensive 18 month iconic career of serving our country as a senator? The answer is no. If you want to elect a token "communicator" to make yourself feel good and warm as most liberals crave, why not elect Denzel Washington? I mean Denzel got an Oscar for his role in Training Day and if ever a token award was given that was it. What about this race thing anyway? Why is Barack for all intents and purposes to be the first African American nominee, he's half white isn't he? Couldn't I just as easily call him a white candidate as a black one? Why is the black now more important than the white?

If you're a Democrat and want to vote true conviction vote for Hillary. Even if she's wrong about nearly everything and would like to create a Politburo in Washington at least she's got real substance even if that substance is medieval and deadly. If you're bent on voting for Barack because he's mixed race and that would make you feel damn good about yourself you better think about what you're doing. I don't care if he's been voted the most liberal senator in America. What has he got to offer all of us in this time of war against radical Islamic fundamentalism? Sadly he has nothing and I'm afraid his supporters are too infatuated with his Hollywood traits rather than even the most meager substance and that friends will certainly cost us all in the end.

I'll see you all soon.


Alysia said...

Just out of curiosity, how do you say that Barack Obama is for bigger government with a straight face knowing that the Bush administration has actually made the government the biggest and most expensive it has ever been, and that extra beautiful "bonuses" of their policy, such as heavy deregulation, have actually forced the government into needing even bigger roles yet to make up for the mistakes of not reigning in corruption in a society where markets cannot fully regulate themselves? Just curious. Because in my opinion, there is no "ideology" that is inherently right. Capitalism, in its purest form, does not fix corruption and greed, and socialism doesn't allow enough freedom, but there is middle ground. I find that conservatives are less willing to find that middle ground, where rules can be put in place, and society can progress (i.e. civil rights act of 1964), than progressives. If you recall, it was Clinton that actually reformed welfare and left Bush with a record budget surplus. Bush, as much as you do not like it, took us from our focus on Afghanistan, and now has weakened our military and overstretched our finances. Our dollar is weakened, our markets are screwed, we have been losing jobs, and somehow Obama is the biggest of our concerns? It seems to small minded to me, to hide behind one ideology instead of embracing the possibility of a world where the wealthiest Americans needs are not put first. Where people who work hard are not called whiners and respected. Where diplomacy and a tough hand if necessary are embraced. Its sad to me, that people like you continue on the fear of those who cannot imagine better times, even though all evidence has shown you over the last 8 years that we have not been respected by those claiming to be conservative. They do not act like fiscal conservatives. Their original party founders would be appalled by the policy they preach versus their actions. But hey, if you think 439 billion dollars spent so far plus the 700 billion its going to take to fix the economy now is "great" then waste your vote on a another conservative and accomplish what, exactly? smaller government? sure, keep telling yourself that! its a dream, my friend, a dream!

Alysia said...

By the way, here is news from 2007 from David M. Walker, the Comptroller General of the United States and head of Government Accountability Office....
"The federal government's fiscal exposures totaled approximately $53 trillion as of September 30, 2007, up more than $2 trillion from September 30, 2006, and an increase of more than $32 trillion from about $20 trillion as of September 30, 2000," Walker said. "This translates into a current burden of about $175,000 per American or approximately $455,000 per American household."

How's that SMALL GOVERNMENT working for ya? Ya know, if Republicans DID WHAT THEY SAID it would be one thing. But they spend and spend and spend, lower taxes on the wealthiest while ignoring the poor and middle class, spend some more. Spend and squander! And what to show? More debt? More problems. A crap economy in need of unprecedented bailouts! You just don't get it. If someone runs on a platform but they can't actually do anything they promise, thats crap. If someones going to take my money anyway, ya know what, sorry I'd rather see a kid get some healthcare! Sorry! No, wait, not sorry. I'm sick of apologizing. I'm sick of sitting back and letting the Republicans take the high road when they are the most guilty spenders of them ALL EVER. No one has spent like these Republicans have in the last 8 years. EVER.

Alysia said...

You shudder thinking of Barack, but I'm shuddering NOW because I actually look at the raw data. THE DATA NOW, right NOW, should make you shudder. And again, Obama is the most of your problems? Youre an IDIOT. Certified. Stamped. Should be tatooed on your forehead right about now for being so god damn naive. Hey, and hows McCains record on voting for, I mean AGAINST the troops. S.Amdt. 3642 to H.R. 4939

Oh yeah, that pesky amendment that wanted to close corporate tax loopholes and take the money to give better outpatient care to our vets. Sounds great. I mean, only 13 senators even opposed the damn thing, one of whome was none other than yours truly, JOHN MCCAIN. Most Republicans even voted YAY but not John.

Thats why he scored a D from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (Obama a B+). The Disabled Americans Veterans Group, 11 "with us" 16 "against us" and 5 not scored. Obama's record, "17-1-1".

The way John McCain talks about troops and the way he votes are two different things. Indeed, he was much more noble as a POW than he could ever measure up to as a politician. POW John McCain is awesome. Politician John McCain is far from it. He is shameful in his record against our uniformed men and women.

Alysia said...

To be quite honest, I hope you finally got your dose of reality. You can stop wanking off now and spouting your know it all anti-liberal boo hoo they are the problems of society BS and get a grip with the candidates in front of you, what they stand for, and what their votes mean. You can look at the history of the last 16 years and draw your own conclusions, but I liked America more BEFORE BUSH and I'm going to take it back. How your life was so miserable during the Clinton years is beyond me! You're NUTS! Unless you make over $200,000 a year Obama is even going to give you a tax break you loonie! Its been tested by every independent tax research center out there. A dozen can't all be wrong, but oh let me guess, you make more than $200,000 a year and this is all because you don't want to pay an extra couple bucks, right? LOL figures! Whiny rich! Money money money! Boo hoo, now I wont be able to afford my 4th car! Or maybe you're REALLY rich like McCain, the biggest elitist schmoozer in the Republican party (known to party with the people of Hollywood moreso than any other Republican and has even had his cameos in moves like The Wedding Crashers). But McCain has more than a dozen cars, and unlike he claimed on the campaign trail, most of them are foriegn, not American made. Now he can't even keep track of where all of his dozen cars are made LOL. You guys crack me up. Hypocrisy! Sheer hypocrisy! Lol...yes, he's for the "little guys". And how is that Palin, paying herself between 60,000 and 70,000 a year while she was mayor of Wasilla? Lol... but oh, she only lost how much money building that damn sports complex before the city even had the title! Oh whatever, 28 million dollars in earmarks covered her expenses just fine as mayor of that little peanut shell. Small government my ass! You're asking for BIG GOVERNMENT by voting for Republicans!