Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pimping Chelsea Clinton? Ugh.

David Shuster, an anchor at MSNBC, apparently ruffled the Clinton campaign's feathers the other day because he accused the campaign of "pimping out Chelsea Clinton" in an attempt to gain more recognition for her mother in Hollywood. During an interview with an analyst the discussion centered on Clinton's campaign and its dwindling coffers. Shuster then asked an obvious question about Chelsea's calls to celebrities in an attempt to garner high profile exposure and a few $50's and $100's for her mother's war chest. I said war chest.

The Clinton campaign reacted unfavorably to the unintended slight of the unhandsome and toothy former first daughter. The head of MSNBC and NBC News vehemently condemned Shuster and his ill fated metaphoric slight. I would imagine both of these failing news organizations panicked because the thought of losing Bill and Hillary Clinton's trust and favor signified the crumbling of their very own Holy Grail. NBC News in general maintains the modern journalistic standard in its propagation of left leaning and biased news coverage. At almost every chance both networks cast favorable light on liberal viewpoints and insist on slanting hard news stories as far to the left as editors of the networks deem acceptable. I am sure that at least one editor at MSNBC nearly swallowed his uppers when Shuster humorously accused Hillary Clinton of callously using her daughter to pander.

Let's sort this out and state a few facts. Of course the Clintons and both networks came down hard on Shuster for his remarks. You don't use the restroom where you eat if you catch my drift. Sorry for that old cliche' but I hesitate to use bad words here for fear of upsetting the Clintons or NBC News. They'll slant stories to the left or denigrate conservative values but they never ever cuss and that's a fact Jack. Point number two is also quite obvious. Of course Chelsea is being pimped out by Hillary and her handlers, not dog handlers but political handlers. Chelsea has dog handlers but rarely are they seen on camera. Hillary Clinton would probably sell her daughter to the highest bidder in a prostitution ring in Thailand or pit bull breeder in Des Moines if it benefited her rise to absolute power.

Isn't it funny that one of the most vicious political machines in the history of American politics suddenly tries to capitalize on the fruits of an unintended metaphor that was in fact darn funny even if accidental? I guarantee if Barack Obama or better yet any Republican of your choosing was tied down spread eagle in an interrogation room and Hillary entered with a filet knife in her hand someone would exit the room a falsetto for life. Hillary Clinton weaves her way through the political tapestry of this election season based on slant, half-truths, and a nearly devouring type of contempt for anyone standing in her way or opposing her misguided and all too controlling power agenda. She is as vile and mean spirited as they come so don't feel too sorry for the unintended words uttered by the now job hunting Shuster. A wolverine like Hillary Clinton will turn any positive comment or negative hurt committed against her or someone in her pack into a positive for her sociocommunist and domineering vision for your world.

By the way, just for the intestinal comfort of the information hungry readers and viewers, do not mention "pimping" and Chelsea Clinton in the same sentence. If you don't get it just ask a pool of male voters between the ages of 18 and 30.

Good night and good luck.

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