Sunday, March 23, 2008

Network and Cable News. Don't Look to Keith Olbermann for the Truth.

Do you remember when you parked yourself on the sofa or in your lounge chair and clicked on the network news at the end of the work day to find out what was happening in your world? Boy, a lot has changed if I do say so myself. The major news networks fight for economic survival with stiff competition from cable news providers like Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. Okay a quick sidebar to clarify some terminology. When you think about MSNBC and how it relates to the overall news landscape I doubt you relate the term stiff to stiff competition. When I think about MSNBC in relation to its anchors, programming, and the word stiff, I usually relate the "stiff" connotation to pronounced rigor mortis. News outlets all seem so desperate for viewership and advertising dollars that most of them have taken to inventing the news in the most bizarre and sensational terms. The truth in reporting standards are now arbitrary and editorial slant rules the day.

CNN is and has been a traditonally biased quasi-news organization. Remember back when Ted Turner and Hanoi Jane sold buffalo burgers from their Montana buffalo ranch? How quaint. It really stirs a person's gag reflex. I never really cared about CNN's transgressions because it was humorously obvious and I felt intellectually competent enough to pull the truth through the eyehole of bias. Besides, which network ever had the journalistic guts to promote a furry little anchorman with a twitching hyperactivity disorder, a monotone delivery, and a cable news ready name like Wolf? Brilliant shouts the gnome of similar stature and hair color. I hear people dig Anderson Cooper's prematurely white hair though.

No distinguished friends and neighbors, CNN pales in comparison to the gutter dwelling producers, editors, writers, and anchors at NBC News and perennial sister disappointment MSNBC. Yes sir and yes maam you can take it to the bank. NBC News reports that our sons and daughters in uniform that fight for something they believe is greater than themselves are murderers of innocent civilians. I could go on and on but I've chosen to expose maybe the worst of the lot in the whole NBC News organization and by God that's saying a mouthful.

The arrogant man characterized above is Keith Olbermann. Do you remember his days with ESPN? Keith is the opinionated and often factually deficient host of MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann." I will paint him in the best light possible because I believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, regardless of how different their political pendulum swings from mine. So here goes. Keith Olbermann is at best a liar and a bumbling hack. He makes NBC's David Gregory look like Dan Rather. Please use this towel to cleanse yourself of that dripping sarcasm. Olbermann has the right to say what he wants when he wants to just like I do but the credits for his show intimate that factual news is included as part of the programming and that friends is simply and unequivocally false.

Keith Olbermann is a hateful smear merchant that marches lock step with his progressive handlers that now control most mainstream media. He remains not so cleverly hidden behind the secular and ideologically rabid liberals that contribute to a value system based on moral relativism. He bows before puppet masters like and MediaMatters that support the Socialist agenda and infected theory of moral equivalence. He is a major contributor to the subjective moral cesspool that represents modern mainstream journalism today. Olbermann and his ill-received excuse of a program serve only as a laughable medium for the spewing of far left political propaganda that remains out of touch with mainstream America. But like failed left talk radio network Air America, liberals just don't know when they're defeated. Ramp it up, get knocked down. Ramp it up louder, get beaten down further. It's a vicious cycle that defies logic. Even a retarded dog knows to back away after it's been whipped.

I sometimes wonder with "shock and awe" (just for you Keith) why Olbermann insists on denigrating Bill O'Reilly and the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News. I guess jealousy really does breed absolute and pronounced ignorance and unhealthy doses of contempt. O'Reilly's viewership smothers Olbermann's seven or eight national viewers so Olbermann's answer is to routinely cast O'Reilly as the worst person on his "worst person" segment. Real clever if anyone was watching. It's like a minnow taking on a shark and at Sea World the shark wins every time. I wonder if it's because of a minnow's smaller cranium.

Olbermann was literally upset at all the invasive coverage of that evil little hate monger Eliot Spitzer, disgraced former governor of New York. Like most relativists, Olbermann doesn't believe character or honesty are important qualities to be possessed by our leaders. I think he stomped out of MSNBC once before because he didn't think Bill Clinton's moral compass had a pervasive tick in it either during the stained dress/tiny cigar incident either. It tells you about the desperation of the MSNBC network because the buffoons hired him back. Keith Olbermann compared the recent discovery of Barack Obama's passport application tampering to watergate. What? Are you kidding me? The contractors fired for the snooping in Barack Bob Shiny Pants' briefs (couldn't help that pun) were directly involved with Obama's organization! I bet Keith won't report that inconsequential news flash! I wouldn't expect him to because like others at his network (I'm looking at you Hardball Matthews) he is and has been totally in the tank for Obama. He covered the whole Pastor Disaster with Reverend Wright as if it were a story about a misunderstood sheperd comforting lost sheep. That's quite in keeping with tried and true journalistic standards isn't it Keith? I bet he slips into garters and hose every time an Obama segment airs and fondles his microphone.

Keith Olbermann is such a mouthpiece for truth, justice, and honesty. You know, if it's a liberal talking point it simply has to be truthful and just. And woe to you that says it ain't so. That is probably why he used his influence (what there is of it) to get his no-talent live-in girlfriend a gig as a "freelance" reporter on a local New York cable channel. Like I said, what an influence. That local cable channel probably gets more exposure than MSNBC. Olbermann's book attacks the very value system most Americans hold dear so Keith I'll take it as a compliment. Maybe the only way to get some viewers back to the program is to nominate yourself as the "worst person." Sometimes the truth has a way of garnering results. I sure watch ESPN a lot more than I used to. I'll keep watching FOX to get a decent perspective.


Anonymous said...

I notice you have a lot of insults and opinions, but not a lot of actual dates or concrete facts. Billo and Dubya would be so proud. They don't care too much about facts either, but just like you...they never let that stop them from constantly spouting pseudo-intelligent drivel.

Anonymous said...

As bad as MSNBC, I find Fox just as ridiculous. There is no real NEWS reported in the media, just the non-stop corporate line of B.S. They all have agendas.

Anonymous said...

This is in response to the anonymous writer who commented about the writer of this blog 'spouting pseudo-intelligent drivel". I have been following this blog for awhile now and I can guarantee and promise you just one thing....I would pay almost any cost for the two of you to sit face to face and discuss the topics...And I would watch you, anonymous writer, shrivel up and cry like an infant when the author of this blog destroyed you with not just his obvious passion and intellect, but his honesty, realism and good old fashioned common sense, which is so refreshing as we see so little of it these days. Now, anonymous, if you yourself have taken time to present some facts, ideas and opinions in a blog or such, I would certainly enjoy reading that also. But until you have proven that you have more substance than what you have proven thus far, which is simply attempting to tarnish the character of someone who is considerably more astute than you, please be cautious when you share your thoughts as you appear simply jealous, uneducated and uninformed. You remind me of the bullies that used to patrol the playground in elementary school. Careful, because most of the bullies I used to know ended up living with their mothers until they were 50 and pumping gas at the local station. And in the future, if you are going to attempt to pick a fight with someone, it may be in your best interest to have something to fight back with.

Lee said...

So now it's not enough for the pot to call the kettle black, it has to call the fridge black, too. And it's not like the fridge is always white--it might be tan or light blue, but it's not often as dark as what that black pot claims it is.