Sunday, April 13, 2008

George Bush, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Bad All the Way Around

If this wasn't so disastrous it might be funny. Do you really think one is better than the other? You're crazy if you answer to the affirmative.

I as you know by now remain well entrenched in conservatism and find myself somewhere to the philosophical right of Attila the Hun. If I had any fame or journalistic recognition at all the pundits would call me a neocon's neocon. Belief in a value system and applying it to your political decisions is one thing and marching lockstep with one party or another for the sole purpose of maintaining party unity is foolish. I am not a George W. Bush fan nor am I a particular supporter of Dick Cheney and his Halliburton empire. I supported the invasion of Afghanistan and the attempted destruction of the Taliban and the Al-Qaida training camps housed within the poppy plant's homeland. I even supported the administration regarding the invasion of Iraq based on our intelligence estimates combined with those researched and supposedly validated by the British Empire. Bush's war detractors make an error not in opposing the war itself but in calling for an immediate or nearly immediate withdrawl. Even the Democrats if pressed on the issue admit that a Vietnam-style withdrawl would prove catastrophic to the entire Middle East and give Iran, Russia, and China added bravato if future tensions arise with them. We stay until it's stabilized or until the Islamic communities in the region prove to all of us once and for all that their value system is flawed and based on a guttural 5th century mentality. I am afraid the latter will always hold true. Anyone for turning the whole damn sand box back to glass? That would be a sigh of relief.

Bush's policy or perhaps Bush's luck in policy has prevented another 9/11 type of attack on our homeland. We have to give credit where credit is due. Beyond that, George has disappointed diehard conservatives like me beyond measure. Our current spending would give Tip O'Neill a massive erection and he's been dead for years. Democrats still gripe about the education system but no president has thrown more tax dollars at public education than Bush. Democrats don't want to tackle the real issues of personal responsibility rather than promoting moral relativism. Problems in the public school system start at home miles away from the classrooms. Bush is bankrupting us. Every industry in the country receives giant subsidies. You name it and it gets money. Big oil, corporate farming, poorly run airlines, and even mismanaged financial institutions like Bear Stearns get taxpayer bailouts. How do I sign up for one of those?

Those of us on the hard right view spending like this. Taxes are to be paid to provide for national security and an infrastructure that accomodates capitalism by ensuring the building blocks are in place to facilitate a free market economy. In other words we want a mighty military to protect us from foreign lunatics like those in Iran, China, Syria, and Russia. We believe in a proactive rather than reactive strategy when it comes to protecting our assets and well being in the world. Barack and Hillary, well, not so much. We believe that things like roads, airports, bridges, and other technologies that promote an efficiency in the course of doing business is what makes America's businesses and workers succeed. Take a majority of entitlements and pork barrel spending not directly related to the above and flush them with the kitty litter. Throw in some tax dollars for a modest federal law enforcement presence to uphold the Constitution and a revamped and less imposing list of federal statutes and voila we have a productive country with a surplus. In general economic terms George W. Bush doesn't speak for me. Give me the freedom promised in the Constitution and less government intrusion. If there is a problem at home let my state figure it out rather than imposing more federal regulations. Simple really is productive.

Now let's take on the views of dumb and dumber. I mean Hillary and Barack. BIG GOVERNMENT is better. The government knows what's best for you. Take Hillary's health care proposal. Your freedom is eroded before your very eyes. You have to have my health care. It is law that GOVERNMENT takes your money for a program you have no choice in. Scary. Choice equals freedom and any lack thereof sways us precipitously towards socialism. Barack's comments about us "rednecks" clinging to our guns and religion and belief in national border security make me wonder if he thinks personal freedoms and values are overrated. Maybe he believes his control and initiatives save us because after all we really can longer make decisions for ourselves. Can't you see it coming or does his toothy smile induce the cessation of neurons in your brain? Personal freedom MUST trump government intervention or we're all lost and lost for good. It is scary to know that liberals like Clinton and Obama have built giant constituencies because they've convinced people that personal responsibility and work ethic no longer apply. Trust me says Barack, I'll take care of you. No thanks Barack, I'll take care of myself and provide for my own like the framers intended it to be.

In summation, of the three boobs talked about here today one is no better than the other two. They simply have a different method and set of calculations to bilk us and dumb us down. Just remember, personal freedoms can only be maintained through our opposition to undue government influence and an adherence to our own responsibility for ourselves and our actions.


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Peter1900 said...

Hi, really I think that. These people are going back to the cheep politics. This is not good for the entire world because all the world around us are waiting for our decision.

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Anonymous said...


Billings Mt.,Aug 26, 2008--/MNA PRESS/--Billings Mayor Ron Tussing has had four ethics violations complaints filed against him, with the Billings Board of Ethics. A letter, signed by over 100 citizens, was sent to Judge Russell Fagg, in his capacity as Chair of the Billings Board of Ethics. The four complaints pertain to potential breaches of duty allegedly committed by Ron Tussing in his official capacity as mayor.

According to Montana Code Annotated 2-2-121, public officers are prohibited from using public time, facilities, equipment, supplies, personnel, or funds to solicit support for, or opposition to, local ballot issues. The letter to Judge Fagg outlines four potential issues, in which Ron Tussing may be in violation of Montana State law. Ron Tussing, in his official capacity of mayor, is a member of the Celebrate Billings steering committee and as such, actively campaigned for and supported the passage of the 2006 Billings Ballpark Bond Issue and the 2007 School District 2 Mill Levy. Mayor Tussing also campaigned against the 2006 Repeal of the 2004 Public Safety Mill Levy.

The complainants allege that Mayor Ron Tussing used Billings City time, facilities, equipment and supplies in support for, and opposition to, these ballot issues. The complainants attached over thirty (30) evidentiary exhibits, in support of their claims.

The Billings Board of Ethics will meet to review the complaints. The complainants have requested that all members of the board, who have been appointed by Ron Tussing, be recused from the review process. The complainants also have requested that Victoria Cech, whose husband serves on the Celebrate Billings Steering Committee with Ron Tussing, be recused, as well.

If the Board substantiates the complaints, the next step is to refer the complaints to the Yellowstone County Attorney’s office. The county attorney may then launch investigations into the alleged breaches of duty and fine Ron Tussing between $50 and $1,000, for each substantiated violation.

Ron Tussing is running against Brad Molnar for Public Service Commission District 2.

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Anonymous said...

Here is a story of a Montana politician.


Billings Montana.,Nov 3, 2008--/MNA PRESS/--Public Service Commission District 2 candidate Ron Tussing’s campaign manager, Mary Jo Fox, has filed nine ethics violations against Tussing’s opponent, incumbent Brad Molnar. It is widely held that the complaints are part of a dirty political strategy of a dirty campaign being waged by Billings Mayor Ron Tussing.

One of the complaints demanded Brad Molnar’s e-mails, alleging that Molnar has misused government property. Mary Jo Fox and Ron Tussing apparently have forgotten that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

The Montana News recently acquired a portion of Billings Mayor Ron Tussing’s e-mails that pertain to his involvement in Celebrate Billings. Celebrate Billings is a community partnership, consisting of four partners – the Billings Gazette, St. Vincent Hospital, Deaconess Billings Clinic, and Montana State University Billings – that currently is under investigation by the Commissioner of Political Practices office for illegal campaign activity reporting.

Let’s see what Billings Mayor Ron Tussing’s e-mails reveal about this candidate for the Montana State Public Service Commission, District 2.

First, and perhaps most importantly, Billings Mayor Ron Tussing despises Billings’ form of government and has no intention of participating in it for more than one term. In a July 14, 2008 e-mail to Billings Gazette Editor Steve Prosinski, Mayor Tussing wrote: “This form [Billings City Council] of government drives me nuts – one reason I will only be here another 17 ½ months at the most.” In other words, Ron Tussing has no intention of running for re-election as mayor of Billings. Perhaps that is why he is seeking employment elsewhere.

On another front, Tussing’s ignorance regarding the city’s energy bills is quite evident. Ironic, as he is a candidate for the Public Service Commission, which regulates citizens’ energy rates. As recently as March 24, 2008 – a full month AFTER he had announced his candidacy for PSC District 2 – Ron Tussing was utterly ignorant of who paid for the downtown street lights in Billings.

On March 24, 2008, PSC Candidate Ron Tussing had to e-mail City Administrator Tina Volek, with the following inquiry: “Who is really responsible for our street lights? Do we pay the electric bill? Have we thought about low energy lights?” The City Administrator shed some light on the subject for Tussing, by explaining the process to him: ““Mayor: Right now, as I understand it, the majority of the street light districts in the City are operated by Northwestern Energy (a few are in the Yellowstone Electric Cooperative.) We pay fees to the utility and, in turn, collect property taxed from the owners to pay for the fees. NWE owns the equipment and is responsible for maintenance, including replacement…”

Ron Tussing didn’t even know the conditions of the agreement between the City of Billings and Northwest Energy. It took his city administrator to educate him about his own city. Volek enlightened Mayor Tussing, spelling out to him that the Billings property owners in the downtown lighting district “pay a PSC-set utility rate that includes a capital charge in perpetuity. The funds raised are used to pay for new lighting systems and other capital items. In the case of the downtown district, the fees have been collected for nearly 50 years, although there have been few improvements in the system in that time.”

Tina Volek further explained to the ignorant candidate for PSC District 2 that there was a proposal in place for the City to take over the district, in which the city would replace the lighting that was installed in the 1960’s with a more energy efficient system that would cost the downtown property owners less. Tussing then peppered Volek with more questions: “I wonder if this was something the city could undertake unilaterally or whether Northwestern would have to do it? If we pay them for the power to light the streets then can we insist they do it in the most economical way? They would probably try to chard us for the ‘infrastructure’ of replacing the bulbs but could we argue we have paid for the existing infrastructure many times? I have leaned a lot since I became a candidate for the PSC…”

Ron Tussing, candidate for PSC, just a short seven months ago, had no idea who was responsible to pay for Billings’ – the city over which Tussing is the chief presiding officer – downtown street light energy, yet he wants to be put in charge of setting taxpayers’ energy rates and get paid $80,000 a year, all the while learning the job, while he’s pocketing taxpayers’ money.

Greg Jergeson, Chairman of the Montana Public Service Commission, in a phone interview with the Montana News, when asked about the ideal background for a candidate, responded, “A person who can work through – plow through – excruciating detail of budgets, as well as financial and economic information; someone who has the capability and ability to understand the significance of the numbers.” As of seven months ago, District 2 PSC candidate Ron Tussing hadn’t even bothered to familiarize himself with the budget, or the financial and economic information of Billings, let alone the significance of those numbers.

An additional responsibility of the Public Service Commission is to address complaints. Ron Tussing would be involved in this process, yet Tussing has a history of obstructing, rather than resolving, complaint issues.

In April 2005, nationally acclaimed independent consultant Lou Reiter was called in to review former Police Chief Ron Tussing’s job performance. In the area of Internal Investigations, Reiter sustained that the Billings Police Department, under the direction of (former) Chief Tussing, improperly investigated allegations of misconduct based upon complaints of occurrences. Ron Tussing failed to comply with established policies and made up a few of his own, without going through any formal procedure for establishing them.

Nothing has really changed about Ron Tussing’s attitude regarding complaints. It depends on who is doing the complaining, as to how Tussing handles it. If it is filed by someone he wants to protect, the complaint disappears through minimizing its importance. If it is filed by someone Tussing dislikes, or who wants to remain anonymous, Tussing ridicules the complainant and ignores the complaint.

For instance: Thursday, March 27, 2008, Mayor Ron Tussing e-mailed city employee Candi Beaudry, (copied to Tina Volek): “I looked at the stuff (REDACTED) sent me, including the pictures and I talked to Souther, the architect who worked with him. This doesn’t seem like a very big deal to me. He moved a nonbearing wall and put in new windows. What am I missing? Does this really require all those copies of plans and an architect? I know he should have gotten a building permit sooner. Can we just slap him around a little and tell him not to let it happen again?”

Monday, April 07, 2008, Ron Tussing e-mailed Billings Police Chief Rich St. John: “Fyi Also, the anonymous irate caller whom you have had contact with before…is still upset because we won’t stake out (REDACTED) 24 hours a day to document the barking dogs he is too timid to give his name on a complaint about. If you decide to waste your time again tell him not to call me anymore until he’s willing to do his civic duty.”

Monday, April 07, 2008, 3:45pm; e-mail from Ron Tussing to Rich St. John, Candi Beaudry, Wyeth Friday, cc’d Tina Volek: “(REDACTED) is complaining that (REDACTED) owned by (REDACTED) has 9 trailers on the lot where drug dealing occurs, sexual and other violent offenders live, trash is not picked up, kids are starving and other nefarious activity is taking place. She has already spoken to the police and Cal the code enforcement guy but thought she would contact me just to cover all the bases. Where are we with this place being declared a nuisance or otherwise being recognized as a blight on the city and removed? She used to date one of the residents but, much to her chagrin, realized the malevolent malefactor had 65 entries on his rap sheet and dropped him like a used, strike that, hot potato.”

In an April 4, 2008, e-mail response to a city council member, regarding a citizen’s complaint that could have potential legal ramifications for the city, Ron Tussing wrote: “I would like to hear our version before we hear theirs and then decide if we want to hear the other side…” In direct contradiction to his real actions, Tussing e-mailed the complainant, writing, “I would love to be able to sit down and work this out person to person but I’m afraid that is not possible…”

Finally, what is perhaps the most ironic aspect of Mary Jo Fox’s complaint that Brad Molnar may have been misusing his government equipment for campaign and/or personal reasons is that her candidate, Ron Tussing, is guilty of the exact thing of which he – via Mary Jo Fox – has accused Molnar.

Wednesday, March 6, 2008, using his City computer, Ron Tussing wrote to “Richard”: “I am putting a campaign team together including new volunteers who were not involved in the mayor campaign. I can put you two on the list if you want. Dave could be a technical advisor and you could be spiritual advisor or puppet master or whatever task you feel comfortable with. We will be having a meeting soon, possibly Sunday evening.” In a follow-up e-mail, sent on March 7, 2008, Tussing added: “The meeting is at my house at 7:30 PM Sunday. No refreshments will be served this time…I live at 3033 Demaret Place. You take 54th north from Rimrock, take the first left on Lloyd Mangrum then the first right on Demaret Place. We’re the second house in, tan with brown trim.”

In an April 24, 2008 e-mail to Billings Area Chamber of Commerce President/CEO John Brewer, Tussing wrote: “On another note, I was told this morning that Brad Molnar is using his Brownout brochure and the endorsements as a campaign piece. I hope the Chamber will disavow an endorsement of his candidacy…”

Billings Mayor Ron Tussing also regularly uses his City e-mail to communicate with his wife, Darlene – also a city employee – about their personal life and private business.

Unethically using his city computer for personal business is nothing new for Ron Tussing. When Ron Tussing was going through the disciplinary process for his gross insubordination as Billings Chief of Police, the due process letter that was sent to him provided over thirty e-mail examples of Ron Tussing’s grossly inappropriate communications. The comments covered topics and comments that included trying to get a volunteer coordinator to get a former City Manager to help in Tussing’s campaign for support, telling subordinates to suppress information, the admission of building coalitions and setting up meetings with several community members to discuss strategy toward influencing the City Council. All of this was done on City time, with City resources.

Ron Tussing’s lack of either ethics or professionalism is perhaps best exemplified by his use of taxpayer money and taxpayer resources, when he wrote the following song about his then-supervisor, Kristoff Bauer:


Ron Tussing felt this way about his job as Billings Chief of Police. Now, apparently, he feels the same way about his job as Billings Mayor. If elected, exactly how long would it take Tussing to feel that way about the Public Service Commission, should he find that they see through him, too?

Editor’s Note:
The citizens of Billings now see through Ron Tussing. People no longer are intimidated by this bully, nor are they mesmerized by his lies. The apostle Paul writes in Second Timothy 3:13 “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” Be discerning in these times that you will know what is True and Just and are not deceived.

Don’t waste your vote on Ron Tussing; he is not running for Mayor, again. According to City sources and Ron Tussing’s own e-mail’s that the Montana News has in its possession. Go ahead and vote for Brad Molnar for Public Service Commission - the RIGHT CHOICE - vs. Tussing, a corrupt public official and corrupt, disgraced former chief of police.

Ken & Carol said...

Re "dumb and dumber:" I think this is a mistake in political tactics, that is, always giving them the benefit of the doubt. Only fools, not knaves is a sure loser of an argument against these folks. See what David Horowitz says about this.

Montana Conservative said...

I enjoy good discussions and differing points of view. But for the idiot that called the blog lame, check out your own grammar and idiot slang. I guarantee no one cares.

togo said...

Bush destroyed what was left of the GOP that was worthwhile. It is now a millstone around our collective necks.

In states like Montana that can amend the constitution through the initiative and referendum process there is a local solution that could spread beyond the borders of the state. Enact a party-list Proportional Representation system for one house of the legislature. This would(I think)) almost certainly create a permanent bloc of principled "third party" advocates for liberty in the legislature. For some odd reason when you have elected officials you are harder to ignore and people take you more seriously.

As for ideas to reform the voting system for other offices see:

Anonymous said...

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