Sunday, March 14, 2010

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court, Scourge of the Country

President Obama continues his unabashed and now entirely predictable march towards the global Marxist utopia as evidenced by his recent nomination of 39 year old Berkeley law professor and left-wing extremist Goodwin Liu to the U.S. 9th Circuit. Can it be any more fitting that a court that truly prides itself on contributing, empathizing, and embracing the lowest common denominators in modern society finds itself headquartered in America's most glamorous cesspool, San Francisco, CA?

Okay, Barack Bob Shiny Pants passes the okie-doke to Liu not only for Liu's participation in Obama's transition after election (sounds like the initial phases of sex reassignment) but more importantly because Liu is simpatico with Obama's own grand illusions of one great world order under Leninesque Socialist principles. To hell with our founding principles and I'm not even talking about the founders' take(s) on values. I'm talking about our entire legal system, its checks and balances, and what has made it the most envied, fair, and respected legal system in the world. No it is not perfect, but it is BETTER than anything on the market in any country today period. The New World Order supporters including our "current" executive and Liu want to systematically dismantle the democratic legal system now in place for a more useful one that divides power between an executive and that executive's appointed judges that as Liu says "are culturally situated to interpret social meaning." I thought Stalin was dead. He interpreted social meaning and ACTED on it too. He had all the power, the people no active representation, and now we're seeing a return to that philosophy now only slightly morphed as shared powers between the executive and judicial branches. Not only do these men abrogate any oath ever sworn to uphold the Constitution, they expanded redistribution beyond the bounds of economic equalization and included judicial redistribution under the umbrella as well.
The Constitution and all the blood spilled to defend its principles in the preservation of rights for the American people is DEAD in the eyes of these degenerates. Even the ABA chooses to snooze through its own rules of order to herald the nomination by means of a committee approval even though Liu hasn't been practicing law for 12 years since graduation nor does his resume' include "significant" trial experience. Liu actively dismisses and opposes free enterprise, free markets, and believes social welfare is a Constitutional right. I know he's a Berkeley guy but is he also a medicinal marijuana user as well, perhaps a medicinal opiate or hallucinogenic user? It's coming and California as is the case with most culturally offensive standards will be the breeding ground for it.
As expected, the 9th Circuit has more "judges" appointed by liberals making it by logical extension the most liberal court in America. 59% of the judgeships on this circuit can be confirmed as liberal. This court ruled on medicinal marijuana and the Newdow case among many others. Remember the court's take on this, no pledge of allegiance because "under God" was included? Their continued misinterpretation of the Establishment Clause is the source of the evil. Anything even historical with "God" mentioned is bad right? How ignorant. I know three year old children that have a better grasp of this than these federal judge buffoons. All the clause ever meant since its inception is that the government cannot actively require any one religion through endorsement, discriminate because of one's denial of that religion, or force anyone to be of one unique religion. That is it. Every big case headlining Establishment Clause issues by civil rights attorneys like the ACLU is predominantly bogus. Write it down.
The big quake in the bay can spare the innocents at any cost but it can swallow the headquarters of the 9th Circuit post haste.
Oppose Liu and Obama's visions that can do nothing but wreak havoc on our system of justice and values we all hold dear.

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