Friday, June 12, 2009

George Tiller, Murder Was as Murder Does

Conservatives are being lambasted and blamed for the death of abortion doctor George Tiller several days ago. Tiller remained one of a handful of abortion practitioners that performed abortions in the third trimester of pregnancy. Bill O'Reilly of Fox News denounced Tiller for his practices as did several others with moral conscience. Listening to those vampires like Joan Walsh from Salon lament Tiller's death and the circumstances therein is disgusting and frankly somewhat socially obtuse. The left wing media pounced on the story as if this guy was the patron saint of something intangible. I certainly believe Tiller's death fits the profile of what it is, a homicide. There are thousands of homicides in the country and one is not less tragic or more wrong than the other. I hope his killer finds that the prosecution is competent and justice is served in a blind fashion as we all hope it would be.

To my chagrin people like Tiller that are gunned down, assassinated, or removed with extreme prejudice really get off quite unscathed. I would have much rather seen Tiller survive in a long life so that first he had an opportunity to see the error of his ways and stop the quasi-medical practice he found himself in. Second, a long and healthy life would at least have given him an opportunity to seek forgiveness for his deplorable and despicable acts against humanity. There is no place in a modern and humane society for those of Dr. George Tiller's ilk. The Humane Society works more diligently at saving the lives of wayward dogs than abortion doctors do in the vacuuming and skull-crushing practice of late term abortions.

Far left politicians, feminist groups, and liberal supporters of a secular and relativistic vision never learned to equate apples with apples. How can a politician or even a Supreme Court nominee like Judge Sotomayor oppose the death penalty on the one hand and openly endorse abortion in all its grisly forms on the other? The scientific debate about where life begins ended in Canada in 1977. Researchers of DNA concluded that scientifically there is no doubt that life begins at conception. Remember when that sperm fertilizes that egg the life form growing in the womb will absolutely not be delivered as a platypus, lamp, or mixing bowl. It is a baby. The answer lies not in the activist Roe v. Wade decision either. Nowhere in the United States Constitution or in the Bill of Rights stands an amendment or clause allowing, sanctioning, or endorsing an abortion in any form. The left-wing loons continually use loose medical jargon to sway support in the nation. Health of the mother exceptions, incest, and rape are all buzz words pro-choice groups use to lobby the continued exercises of irresponsibility and selfishness. Less than 1% of all pregnancies in which women seek abortions have anything at all to do with rape, incest, or supposed health of the mother issues.

I suppose we can lament the death of Dr. George Tiller as tragic and it is for the reasons mentioned above. He never had the chance to make right the wrongs he spent a lifetime committing. He never had the chance to get right with God so to speak. But to make his death any more tragic than any other is completely wrong minded. Many of the babies he murdered cried, blinked their eyes, and maybe even grasped his hand before he crushed their skulls. He was the first and last thing many of them saw in those horrific final moments. Keeping this in light makes me think a relatively quick death of his own got him off easy, way too easy.


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