Sunday, January 21, 2007

2008 Presidential Election Fatigue,,,,,Already.


Let us review for posterity shall we? The 2008 election is nearly two years away and the deluge begins. Keep reading, I'll make fun of some of the Republican candidates too. But as is my personal preference and tradition, I have to start with the Demolibs and I will make it trickle down (Reagan pun) from there.

As Gomer Pyle would say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise", Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her intention to seek the nomination for the White House via a warm and friendly fireside chat that found its way to her website. Doesn't she exude warmth and compassion? Yuck! It is kind of like letting a wolverine into your living room and asking it not to tear up the furniture or soil the carpet. Warmth and Hillary Clinton are mutually exclusive philosophical tenets. Every time I see her speak I medicate myself to control the impending autonomic gag reflex that inevitably ensues. She in no way shares an atom of the political prowess or magical elocution possessed by her morally corrupt husband. Let us agree, Bill Clinton could sell a Quran to a Methodist minister. She does share the Pelosian ability that allows her political flag to stiffen into whatever the current Beltway wind may be. Do not let her attempt to cuddle with you distract you from who Hillary Clinton is. She is about two hundred yards further left than Billy boy. This is a woman that supported legislation for late term and partial birth abortion until even the most disgusting elements in the child murder field became fidgety with the issue. Once the heat escalated, she backed away and turned the other cheek. Apparently she has no strength of conviction and that impunes any chances of sustaining integrity in the office of President. She promotes big government, high taxes, and income redistribution utilizing taxpayer dollars to fund entitlements including government run health care. Oh yeah, although her public tune may change she apparently maintains the personal opinion that womb vacuuming is tolerable.

John Edwards is really missing the boat. Why is this guy muddling about in politics instead of starring opposite Julia Roberts in Hollywood blockbusters? I forgot. He cares about you. He now dedicates his life to helping you and all the victims of misfortune get a fair shake. I mean he certainly has the background for it doesn't he? He made several lifetime fortunes suing corporations for their nastiness and latent harm committed against society at large. Oh yeah, a convenient by-product of such activity made him stinking rich. No problem there, I encourage capitalism. It just seems to me that the pot always calls the kettle black. Edwards claims there are two Americas, the haves and the have nots. Isn't it a little creepy that Edwards clamors and denigrates the very system that made him wealthy from the lanai of his multi-million dollar palatial estate? A high powered lawyer and politician that claims to understand and feel the pain of the common man. Oh yeah, he grew up as a less fortunate kid. Instead of hailing America as the place where dreams come true, he wants to change it like all liberals do by punishing those that achieve success and taking their earned money through government control and redistributing it to many who could care less.

Bill Richardson is the governor of New Mexico and a former Clinton cabinet member. He is pro environment which in liberal terms equates to the cessation of economic activity and a return to a foraging and agrarian economy like the Hopi's utilized. He is pro-amnesty and would probably pay good government money for illegal immigrants to storm the country. I do not like this guy.

Barack Obama, the African American rock star. He has no experience at all. He probably still gets lost in Washington between his parking spot and the Capitol building. He is photogenic and well spoken. If that is where we set the bar for electing Presidents, why not really change up the system? If experience, including life experience no longer fits into the equation, let's nominate George Clooney and perhaps a cartoon character like Bugs Bunny to serve as the vice presidential nominee. Bugs never got caught once by the coyote or the martian or Yosemite Sam. That ability could prove invaluable in waging a war against global terrorism.

Evan Bayh, don't know him. Tom Vilsack, don't know him. Al Gore's global warming apparently cooked his cranium and he carries far too much Clintonian baggage anyway. Besides, every time he talks he proves to me that he really is an android from a Lucas film.


Sam Brownback, U.S. Senator from Kansas, is probably the best choice for us neocons unless too many skeletons fall out of his closet. He supports small government, low taxes, anti-gay legislation, and stands against abortion. I hope against hope his camp can generate some steam. I hate to contemplate the political reality that dictates him moving to the center during the course of a campaign.

John McCain is clearly a front-runner. I like his temper but he seems unstable at times and almost flashbacky. McCain has the foreign policy experience, probably hates radical Muslims, and could easily blow back Nancy Pelosi's stiff hairdo. McCain does not receive support from me yet because he stands against the basic roots of problems in our country. He is pro-amnesty, pro-gay, and wishy washy on Christian principles that have guided this country for years. He may have more of an uphill battle than he thinks.

Mitt Romney is the sleeper Republican. He has made progress in Massachusetts, yes MA. He is working on health care, opposes Rosie O' Donnellian behavior, and seems fairly tough on military issues. If he is a fiscal conservative, he deserves some attention. I can't write more because he hasn't really stepped into the spotlight so to speak.

Rudy Giuliani deserves some attention because of his control of New York after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The praise stops there. Giuliani will not win the primary unless Republican voters sniff thousands of gallons of glue the night before the primary election. Giuliani is a closet Clintonite. He is pro-gay, pro-choice, and therefore anti-morality. Being a fiscal conservative and tough on terrorism doesn't cut it if you abandon the issues so important to the moral fabric of a country and the stewards of the conservative movement.

At any rate, take the candidates and their words with a grain of salt. Let's elect someone not on what they say but on what they've done in their past public service and private lives.


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great insight( as usual) on all of your colums.
let's not forget that rudy,mccain and hillary don't think you are responsible enough to have a firearm ,(which i am sure you have.)

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I'm getting to like your perspective and insight. Anyhow, I'm starting to feel some fatigue as well and it's just starting. FYI- If interested, check out

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