Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Clinton or Obama, Do They Really Represent Your Views?

Take a damn good look at this picture. You pro-choice supporters and fanatics did this. Please spare me the emotional shock and indignation. What in the hell did you think your "viewpoint" and "opinions" would result in if put to action? I served as a coroner for many years and bloodied my hands with just about every macabre deed humans inflicted upon themselves and others. A picture like this still twists me to the ground and to this day I cannot tell you if anger or sadness consumes me more. If any of you think that late term abortions ceased after the "Partial-birth abortion ban of 2003" you better do a little investigating to fully understand the differences in jargon between partial birth and late term abortions. Can abortions be performed to save a mother's life? Yes they can and the procedure is completely legal. Can an abortion be performed to minimize risks to a mother's health and her ability to have children in the future? If you think they can't you're really kidding yourself. There is an army of government officials (Senators and Representatives) that redirect your taxpayer monies to legalized murder clinics across the country. Your taxpayer dollars still fund physicians that perform these vicious acts with little more concern than if they were surgically removing a plantar's wart.

The point reaches far beyond the issue of whether late term or partial birth abortions should be performed and how many actually are performed as decided by a doctor "looking into circumstances regarding the health of the mother." Pro-abortion activists have swayed the public consciousness to believe in the absolute lunacy of their proposition. Where does life begin? We think life begins here because the cellular transfer of blah results in blah and blah doesn't happen until blah moves two inches to the left. Abortion supporters through the exquisite parsing of medical and legal terminology determined for you (not with your participation) that some galactic scientific controversy exists because no one really knows when the life of a baby begins. So much for intelligent and modern science. Even Darwin would regard this argument as delving into a world of at least mild political retardation. I'm sorry, I'll call the baby a fetus to be fair. So if you look at the photograph of the murdered infant above I think we can agree that the child looks viable and capable of sustained life. Obviously I don't know the exact circumstances of the child above but for the sake of a sane argument let's say that this child was vacuumed and crushed based on the mother's decision or "choice." What was the state of this baby, infant, little person, or fetus prior to what you see at the tragic and grisly end? At some point during or after the female egg's fertilization by male semen was there ever a chance that this innocent child could've possibly evolved into something else? Have any mothers ever went to a gynecologist or obstatrician after becoming impregnated only to hear the earth shattering news that what's inside them is not a child but a lizard, platypus, or baby hippo instead? "You know Mrs. Smith we in the medical community can never quite tell what's going to develop after what we term impregnation. Apparently something went very wrong during the zygote phase. Would you like to have a baby hippo or would you like to discuss termination? By the way we'll leave the father or husband out of this because the courts, abortion supporters, and general public believe him to be inconsequential. If you choose to have the hippo we'll be happy to contact the San Diego Zoo to discuss the possibility of adoption"

Where does "His Highness" Barack Obama and the "Shrillish" Mother Clinton stand on this issue? Probably where you thought they would. On March 12, 2003 Hillary Clinton voted NO on banning partial birth abortions except to protect the maternal life of the mother. This was Senate bill S.3, vote number 2003-51. She generally supports the death penalty for heinous crimes committed against innocent victims. Does anyone but me see the not too subtle juxtaposition here? His "Barackness" takes what liberal elitists coin the moral high ground. Obama though claiming to be a stalwart member of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago is also an abortion supporter. In proving my theory that Obama is mostly eloquence and extremely short on substance, listen to this. Regarding abortion Obama minces, stumbles, and as is the case in most of his stump speeches says absolutely nothing. "This issue is very complicated for me. This issue rises above the moral dimensions surrounding it." Obama you're such a coward. Just come out and say that you unequivocally support abortion and for those of us with brains do us the common courtesy of taking church and Christ away from your affiliations. We prefer you don't cling to "token" religious symbolism. There is nothing about church, Christ, and abortion that fit together at all unless you're denouncing the practice. You too support the death penalty for those convicted of committing heinous crimes on innocent victims so you and Hillary both talk the talk but stumble on the walk.

Let's end this with some concrete observations. Life begins at conception. Any argument to the contrary is nothing more than smoke-filled coffee house crap.

What you see in the photograph at the top of the page is no different in substance than a like photograph of a gunshot wound to the head of an infant.

Abortions are performed after sustainability on a regular basis. Yes that means after fingers clutch and little feet kick. Rarely do ultrasounds indicate that the growing infant has an elephant's trunk instead of the usually recognizable human features.

If we buy the only argument that can be made in that little babies in mothers' wombs are human children, we have and continue to fail miserably. Isn't it sad to see the American justice system provided more representation and safeguards to O.J. Simpson than to innocent babies incapable of finding a voice of their own? Are abortion supporters really going to say children like those pictured above don't feel pain or the warmth and closeness of their mother?

Perhaps Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will volunteer to attend a workshop in which I'll volunteer to teach them some of what I feel would be practical examples of some of the vicious procedures implemented. Don't fret, I'd only close the vice or squeeze the forceps hard enough to give them a sustainable headache in which they soon wouldn't forget. After all, are they going to claim they feel more pain than the child above? I don't "scientifically" see how they could.

Regardless what side of the debate you find yourself on let's at least make the dialogue honest and on even footing. The radical feminism movement wholly supports any and all forms of abortion because of their honest intention to destroy the traditional family which in the long run equates to genocide. Abortion concerns regarding a mother's health represents an infintismal percentage of the cases under discussion. The truth is, abortion in modern times is about an anything goes culture steeped in flawed moral relativism. Modern abortion is ultimately about selfish choices and the inability to assume responsibility for personal choices and a destructive lifestyle. Don't let the abortion supporters fool you. Choice for protection of the mother in factual analysis pales in comparison.

I'll talk to you later in the week.


Anonymous said...

wow gotta tell ya that one got me. ya hit the nail on the head. what gets me is there are so many people out there that would give that poor aborted baby a very loving home. do's anyone think of adoption over abortion anymore. I mean come on. if your willing and able to jump in the sack then your able to carry an innocent baby for 9 months. give it to some one who truely would love and care for it.

Anonymous said...

As the mother of an amazing and spectacular 17 month old boy, I become immediately aggressive and dangerous in my thoughts regarding this matter. I feel that we do not get to determine at what point life begins, nor do we get to decide that we are no longer responsible for the decision we made to be irresponsible in our actions. Just a reminder to those of you who may have forgotten how this process works. If you want to engage in intimate activities that have potential to produce human life but don't want to care for, love and protect that potential human life, take additional measures to ensure it can't/won't happen. Wrap it up tight, let a doctor snip it or sew it or whatever they do, pop a pill, or, just refrain from doing it at all if there's any chance you lose your common sense and any sense of morality during the interaction. If you are a person who has in the past aborted your child or if you are someone who is currently considering aborting your child, at least be honest about what you've done and what you're contemplating, which is killing a living, breathing, functioning human life. No different than walking outside, sticking a gun to someones head, pulling the trigger and walking away. You are selfish and undeserving of compassion, regardless of what you may feel justifies your choice to committ such a heinous crime. And I truly believe, that one day, you will pay for your decision. Someway, somehow, maybe after you've left this earth, you will pay. So make your peace now if you can. To the author of this blog, I so very much appreicate your honest, logical and realistic perspective and presentation of these topics. Thank you for being one of the good guys and don't quit writing. The world needs to hear what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Think of all the lives lost because of good ol George W. And then ask yourself if you want another republican.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous writer above regarding George W. and the war..The difference being that every man and woman fighting right now made the choice to sign up for what could potentially be not just dangerous, but life ending, when they joined the military. The aborted infant in this article, wasn't given the chance to live and grow and someday make decisions for themselves. What are you personally doing to make things better and make change happen?

Dash RIPROCK III said...

I love idiots like Ashley Judd who think that hunting wolves from an airplane as part of a predator control program is very cruel, but partial birth abortions are no big deal.

If you like to join us in boycotting her work as well as the work of other Hollywood Liberals, please sign-up at the following address:

Thanks for posting this info. If you change even one mind, you could save a life.

Anonymous said...

i am ashamed to admit that i never really explored the implications of abortions, probably "out of sight, out of mind" thing. i have had girlfriends who have had multiple abortions (i did not impregnate them), but again, never really thought of what that really means until recently. in many ways, we live in an appallingly sociopathic society, so it doesnt suprise me that this action is still legal. but from this day on, i am pro-life. this is NOT EVEN A DEBATE. if a women gets pregnant, OH WELL. deal with it. it could probably turn out to be a wonderful thing in her life. or, adoption. thousands of people would LOVE to have a baby they can call their own. pregnancy happens. if you have sex, you MAY very well get pregnant. DEAL WITH IT. if you walk under trees a lot you will probably have a bird crap on you. i cant believe i have been so disengaged in this issue. ignornace, laziness. i saw a bumper sticker today: REAL FEMINISTS dont kill babies.

Anonymous said...

That's disturbing. Do you know that in Massachusetts (sadly my home state), you can kill a baby like this, but the state can't lay a finger on paedophiles or murderers because the death penalty is "too cruel".
There's a bit of a contradiction there.

Samantha said...

my mom is 5 months pregnant so when i read into things like partial birth abortions it really hits home. Not only because of my mom but also because I was once that old. For my government project (im a senior in high school, and a female who is strongly against abortion) we had to find a debate partner and my friend and I are doing abortion, hes pro-choice, im pro life...I was doing research and I came across this article and I have to say you are right on everything. I don't get how people can say life doesn't begin until birth when at 8 weeks you can hear the babies heart beat. Doesn't life mean growth and having that ability? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that whats happening at conception is growth? So its a living, moving thing. I really have a hard time understanding why people don't see that. They say "Oh what if the mother was raped or a victim of incest?" Well in my research I found that only 1% of abortions is from raped women or women victim to incest, while 93% are for social reasons like the baby is unwanted or inconvinient. I saw instead of spending so much time fighting to make abortion legal or illegeal, fight to make adoption a little easier to do, but maybe thats just me, I mean I'm only 18, the oldest out of 5, soon to be 6, a godmother of her cousins son who got pregnant at 16....what could I possibly know about anything of such importance right?

Mandy Mitchell said...

I completely feel your anger and sadness. I also am very against abortion and pictures like this break my heart. How could anyone ever justify this as not being murder? I just don't understand. I wish there were more people like you and I out there speaking our minds and trying to put an end to this craziness. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

We need to stop playing God! Our world is in deep deep trouble. Any abortion is murder. Pictures like this are more affective in bringing out emotions, but I entirely agree with you Montana, one an egg has been fertilized, that fertilized egg, or rather that life is going to ultimately develope into a baby.

Anonymous said...

This is a very good article.
Sadly, when you devalue one form of life, you devalue all forms of life. Our culture scares me. If an innocent child isn't safe, who is? I pray for our country, I don't think people realize that they voted in a socialist. Has anyone even reasearched him or his czars? He is pro-choice and One of his czars supports the forced sterilization of women. Where are we going? We're so wrapped up in being politically correct and how not to offend certain people,and how to legally kill children, is that the most important thing on America's plate? My God what have we done? We have voted a Socialist in, and we have begun the early stages of self-destruction. No value to human life, perverse culture, politically correct, loss of rights....our priorities are completely twisted. May God help us all.

Anonymous said...

As I read this I openly wept at just the thought of my son who was born at 24 weeks gestation, a viable partial birth abortion time, and SURVIVED with no complications. This abomination must be stopped. As you stated at the exact moment of fertilization, there is NO doubt what this life form will become in 9 months. It will become a human being. Not a puppy, a kitten a lizard... it will be a human child. And all we are doing with the process of abortion is allowing someone to take away a humans life a little early. God will have a special place for those who brush this aside. Its called HELL.

Anonymous said...

Abortion must be legal to keep women and children safe from dangerous procedures and situations like partial-birth abortion. Denying a woman's right to choose is fruitless, and to use this individual's death as an excuse to back your twisted belief which WILL RESULT IN MORE of the same horrible conditions is disgusting.

The system is not perfect (how could it be?), but erasing the system altogether is a step backwards, and if you had any sort of a grasp on history (which you are supposed to LEARN from), you would know that.