Sunday, April 06, 2008

Barack and Hillary woo Montana Democratic Faithful in Butte, Missoula

The Democratic Party hosted both of their candidates for the office of president in Butte yesterday to the cheers of thousands of supporters. Barack Obama included an earlier stop in Missoula Saturday morning. On the positive side the spectacle brought Montana national recognition and did create its own historical context because it included both candidates that currently engage in verbal fistfighting desperate to obtain the Democratic nomination. I think it's also kind of neat that as far as the Democratic primary process goes, Montana closes the primary season as it's the last one to close its polls on June 3rd.

From news reports I've obtained both candidates stayed on message. George Bush is bad and government will take control and heal your wounds if I'm elected. Fair enough; those have been the talking points in stump speeches since the Iowa caucuses. Barack continues a masterful charm offensive while enthusiastic crowds roar in approval even if his message contains little in concrete detail and relies heavily on glittering generalities. Hillary takes the stage like the mad little woman she is; she's still upset that no one but she and Bill understand that she's entitled as a Clinton to have the office of president delivered to her much like the monarchy in England. Hillary obviously stares at the nomination much like Sir Edmund Hillary (no she wasn't named after him, she misspoke) stared at Mount Everest while standing at its base. Even in Montana I feel the winds of change blowing. The state could vote in the Democratic category this fall and hasn't done so since swaying for Bill Clinton in 1992. Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee even though Hillary will pull out all the stops before finally if ever conceding defeat. A vicious political machine like the Clintons maintain won't sink of its own accord. In good old Montana terms, Hillary is a raccoon in a creek being closely pursued by bloodhound Barack Obama. I've seen a coon push a hound's head under the water in an attempt to drown it. I am thankful that all the infighting will benefit John McCain this fall.

Montana voters maintain an independent streak and don't usually adhere to their parties in lock step fashion and thankfully that makes us unique. Most Montanans I know, Democrats included, generally maintain somewhat of a conservative outlook on social issues but may drift left on economic and other issues. We have a Democratic governor and two senators. Our single representative is true blue conservative through and through and his success or failure in reelection this fall will serve as an accurate indicator in gauging if the state in its entirety has moved decidedly left. Senator Jon Tester defeated long time incumbent Republican Conrad Burns in the last election based in no small part on a smear campaign alleging close ties between Burns and convicted lobbyist Conrad Burns. Whether it was time for Burns to go or not, Tester is lucky to be in office after being elected on false pretenses.

I would have loved to travel to Butte to see both Hillary and Barack speak to the thronging masses. However I'd already scheduled some time to shampoo my plants and I simply had to prioritize. When I found out it cost $40.00 to purchase a ticket for entry I decided that money could be better spent on driveway de-icer and some items from the dollar store. I still find myself chapped to know how many of the blue collar common folks fall in line with both Clinton and Obama. That whole representation of the common man is a train load of crap big enough to fertilize the Mojave. Bill and Hillary earned $109,000,000.00 in the last several years and they still won't divulge donor records from his presidential library because trust me, they don't want you to know who's on there. Hillary absolutely bashes corporate America in true Socialist fashion but how in the hell do we think Bill makes his big bucks? What do you think his money is made from? He's an "adviser" and "consultant" to corporate titans in Dubai. I wonder if there's any oil money associated with Dubai in the MIDDLE EAST. I'll let you decide. I hope it makes the supporters of Clinton happy to know that after making all that money off "corporate" interests (yes, Hillary's book publishers are corporate too) they still bilk the taxpayer for hundreds of thousands of dollars on secret service details and perks related to Bill's disservice in office.

Barack Obama's position relative to Hillary's is a little more tenuous when it comes to the general election against McCain. Barack's involvement with a racist religious organization, corrupt real estate mogul Tony Rezko, and a man once convicted for trying to blow up federal buildings may cause him some problems come November. Couple that with his relative inexperience in just about every category of leadership and I think it may develop into a perfect storm for him. His refusal to lay out black and white (there's been plenty of black versus white) details of his policy plans and more importantly how he plans to pay for them further adds to the intrigue. He's been labeled as the most liberal senator in the country. Even with his frenzied support now among his Democratic supporters, independents and Republicans may find themselves just as energized this fall to come out swinging and I mean swinging hard. He has mentioned nothing of substance to convince me he is little more than a populist demagogue that delivers eloquent speeches of questionable substance from within the confines of an empty suit. Even though the liberal mainstream media including the disasters of NBC, MSNBC, and CNN remain in the tank for him, the truth may in fact set him free. It may set him free from the constraints of winning the presidency.

One news report that troubled me came from the Missoula rally. As the reporter so poignantly set the mood, a supporter remained in the stands after Barack left the stage and wept. Yes, I said wept. I've cried before but not over an unproven politician that says nothing that hasn't been said at thousands of high school pep rallies across the country. It reminds of that scene from the hilarious airline spoof movie "Airplane." A woman finds out her flight is in trouble while strapped into her seat and starts panicking and wailing uncontrollably. She is driving everyone absolutely nuts and there is a line of people in the aisle wielding everything from pipes, baseball bats, and brass knuckles all too willing to quiet her unnecessary outbursts. If I'd been in Missoula after the rally, I may have been one of those people.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

yeah, nice try... Too bad you weren't there, it might have helped with your negativity. Guess the Republicans are all about "we can't"

Anonymous said...

Hey there, anonymous...So, did you yourself have the priviledge of attending the forementioned events in Butte and/or Missoula respectfully? And please note, when I use the word 'priviledge', it is indeed dripping with sarcasm and a dash of fear for our future...As an added FYI, let me point out that I'm not necessarily a John McCain fan club member either...But, without getting into some verbal battle, (as I have found that attempting to discuss the character and credibility of both Obama and Clinton with their supporters and fan club presidents typically ends up with them telling me that I hate America and don't want it to be reborn and thrive...And me walking away asking,"Huh"?), I will only say how terrifying a prospect it is that we would knowingly and willingly put into power either one of these individuals, Obama or Clinton...We would be diagnosing ourselves with cancer and then be forced to lie down while it destroys us from the inside...The only change I see either of them giving a rats ass about at the end of the day is the change of color he would bring to office, and the change of sex she would bring to office...That isn't enough to win my vote, and certainly not my confidence or respect...I'll vote for the person who will restore integrity to the office of President and put honest and sincere effort into making decisions that will benefit our country as a whole...And I'll take someone full of substance, even if they are lacking the charm because Barrack and Hillary are oozing with charm but have proven many times they have absolutely no substance...Happy voting!!

Anonymous said...

wow, you really seem bitter, sorry to hear that. Cancer? Terrifying prospect? please, you are applying a double standard here. I though GW Bush was supposed to restore integrity to the White House, but he certainly didn't. It took my Republican friends a long time to see that, but it seemed obvious to me awhile ago.

I liked McCain years ago, I have been sorry to see him change into such a wishy washy person in terms of his values.

But the disappointment I had on this earlier post, is that it is great that Montana got two big name candidates for President. We were on the political map for a weekend, I hope it gets McCain to come out here too.

I am not a Hillary fan, but I really do like Obama. I am politically educated, and mostly cynical about politicians but I think he would bring to the Presidency something that has been lacking throughout my political life. Before you start hammering him, I honestly suggest you watch an interview with him, say, on Charlie Rose or listen to some of his podcasts. I know people who have taken classes from him and they say he is a man who elicits intelligent discourse among diverse, strong minded people. My understanding is that the Republicans in Illinois really didn't have anything bad to say about him. I think our country could really use someone who can facilitate good political discourse. I encourage you to be a part of the solution.

I will be happy voting, thanks!

Anonymous said...

sorry, didn't answer the first question, I did go to the event. It was enjoyable, never been a big fan of political events, always liked political discussions though. I have to say one thing about it was that the Democratic party really came across like a party with a plan, a platform and energy. Like I said, I have mostly been cynical, but I have watch Republicans become the party of divisiveness and anger, not a good way to go. I hope McCain helps bring them back into honorable discourse. It's our country man, it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

You know, I too am politically educated as I chose years ago to pursue a career in political science and government relations. I have often times asked myself why I chose such direction for my life since such roles tend to be viewed with disdain and utter contempt. My hopes are that I have consistently exhibited integrity and a sense of morality in any position I have been in. However, I have had the opportunity over the years to see how some of the internal mechanisms of the political world operate. And I have to say, it has been concerning and even terrifying at times, to observe and view the effects that living the 'political life' has on individuals. This being said, after researching, reviewing, listening, asking questions, and stepping back and observing, I have come to my own conclusion about our presidential candidates. I am neither loyal to a party or a specific platform, as I have always maintained that I will support and cast a vote for whomever most represents and echoes my ideals, morals, values, etc. Mr. Barrack Obama and Mrs. Hillary Clinton will not be receiving my support. I'm not going to take time to explain my many reasons as I feel it would not matter. I can only hope that people will figure those reasons out for themselves before they slide the ballot in the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

How did you start working in the political arena without choosing a party? I received my degree in political science, but didn't choose either party which pretty much limited my ability to get work in that field.

It is fine to say that you don't support either of the two Democratic candidates because you've looked into the issues and don't support either of them. But to call them a cancer or that it is a terrifying prospect one of them might become President, that just sounds like someone who isn't really being fair to the candidate's points. I have looked at a lot of sites online, and I really think political discourse in this country has gotten ugly.

For instance, in the original post, the author referred to the "convicted lobbyist Conrad Burns". He was never convicted, and he wasn't a lobbyist. Some troubling questions about quid pro quo, but no conviction.

Put McCain under the same microscope that you put the Dem candidates under, and I think you'll find there are many reasons to be concerned by him as well. Give all candidates a little bit of leeway because the campaign is insanely nit-picky and I think you'll find Obama is the President this country needs to re-focus on the Can Do American attitude that has put it in the forefront of other nations.

Anonymous said...

I apologize, as I did not clarify in my entry that I am not the author of the previous text that referred to the candidates as 'cancer'. This was my first time reading this particular blog and it happened that there was some political discussion taking place. Thought I'd chime in. I do however share a similar viewpoint to that individual as I maintain that neither Obama nor Clinton are was this country needs.

Anonymous said...

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