Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Change We Can Believe In. Bullshit.

Reality of the day drifts silently much like the fog eerily floating between stark headstones in a George Romero horror picture. I can't believe this is the America we live in today. We're simply dumber than a pound of wet lizard liver, Barack's slicker than a liquored up Beelzebub, and the Earth just keeps spinning I guess in spite of that darned old Global Warming (take that Al Gore you stupid dolt). What in the hell is going on and why isn't the national media berating Obama at every step during his not too subtle attempts at nationalizing the world we live in? Oh, because the media works for him. Sorry. Did anyone see NBC anchor Brian Williams' private interview with the President? Get a room for Christ's sake. Williams tried to slip him the tongue and the secret service had to draw their sidearms. Get this next bit from MSNBC's "Hardball" hosted by Chris Matthews. Evan Thomas from "Newsweek" said to Matthews that Barack Bob Shiny Pants is above the country and above the world, like he's God. Are you goddamn kidding me? I know NBC and parent company General Electric are whores for the radical left but my God it's as if we live in an era of state run media. TYRANNY
This car bailout is nothing short of extortion of the American taxpayer by Barack himself. What else can you expect from a President bore of the rotting and racketeering womb of Chicago politics? Change, transparency, and truth? Better start looking to the next President if there's any hope for that. We've been ripped off and didn't even get a kiss and we're still missing our pants. Taxpayers bail out the auto companies at Barack's direction and the only winner is Socialist organized labor. No more special interests in Washington huh? Oh, you meant all special interests EXCEPT the biggest and most corrupt special interest of all. Secured lenders get $0.29 on the dollar and organized labor roughly $0.50. Oh, you and I get about $0.10. I love transparency. TYRANNY
I don't care about Barack and Mr. Ed Michelle Obama going to dinner and a play in New York. Of course it's expensive but he's the President and he's entitled to a date or a ride with her. (Wilbur......come in the room.) But to fly Air Force One over New York City at desperately low altitudes a couple of weeks earlier without warning to the citizens of Manhattan displays a level of controlling ignorance not seen in recent times. Arrogance rather than compassion and decency ruled the day in spite of his many post 9/11 voters meandering the streets of New York City. TYRANNY
One of Barack's biggest campaign promises had to do with loving up the suspected terrorists held at Gitmo in Cuba and closing it down. Stupid voters thought that to be a touchy and cuddly enough issue with which to cry on Barack's shoulder. Now Barack Bob Shiny Pants says "Hell No" because individuals that DO KNOW and DO CARE in the defense department and CIA convinced the political hack in the Oval Office that yes in fact Mr. Pres some of these crazy bastards will fly a missile straight up your ass if released. Kudos Bush administration. Careful Barack, I smell the loony Move On commies starting to turn on you! Nancy Pelosi's caked on plastic surgery is starting to crumble under the weight of her treasonous attempts to distort intelligence truths and publish Gitmo photographs that surely will cost American casualties abroad. All this at the expense of personal politics. Harry Reid's been quiet though. I think he's been embalmed and his staffers failed to tell him. Barack lied to his voters about leaving Iraq and surging in Afghanistan parallel to the dreaded Bush wars. Funny thing though, no tough questions at Barack's press briefings. TYRANNY
Now let's nationalize health care with a disastrous single-payer system like the same systems in Canada and Great Britain, dump money into failing schools that will continue to fail, dump federal money into infrastructure projects to provide temporary jobs to the unemployed (but only if you're a card carrying labor union member), control the banks and their employees' salaries, ban weapons guaranteed to citizens under the Second Amendment, raise taxes, and destroy the concept of states' rights and individual rights as guaranteed in the Constitution. Not bad for the first three months. TYRANNY
To top it off nominate a Latina woman (S. Sotomayor) to the United States Supreme Court who is unabashedly racist claiming she is a better decision maker than other white men on the bench. She's not a big believer in blind justice but rather has empathy for one's social setting and skin color if you will. Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave. She is racist for failing to stand beside firefighters that tested for a promotion and outscored the competition but failed to get those promotions because they were too white. TYRANNY
I wonder if we're heading up Barack Creek without a paddle. We're in trouble and the electorate refuses to see it. I wonder if it will be too late.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just keep ranting.

The stupider you sound, the better you make President Obama seem.

p.s. Don't forget to whine about the debt--the very debt about which you were SILENT while W obligating us, our our children, and our grandchildren to pay off his weapons manufacturing cronies.