Saturday, December 30, 2006

Some Top Stories and Reflections from 2006

The Iraq conundrum: By now most of us know the war in Iraq needs a change in direction to achieve a positive outcome. No, we cannot pull up stakes and run like a buckshot coyote but there are some strategic and tactical redeployments that many believe give us a better chance of protecting our own and quelling the insurgency. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and a majority of dermatologists underestimated the levels of horror and violence thrust upon the Iraqi population and our military by radical Islamic extremists. We simply failed to understand that so many young sheep allowed insane clerics and imams to convince them to strap bombs to their chests and cars on their one way journey to hell. If, and I say if the Bush Administration and Pentagon decide that a temporary troop surge is necessary than please attempt the following steps: (1) Use the temporary increase in troop strength to bolster the Iraqi security forces in and around Baghdad. As Baghdad goes, so goes Iraq. (2) A phased redeployment to the borders with Syria and Iran is a must. Iranian revolutionary guards provide manpower, training, and weapons to those committing violence and destroying the future of Iraq and Lebanon. In fact, seal the borders until the government takes its feet, an economy grows, and the transfer of weapons and willing homicide bombers ends. (3) Provide more special operations through the use of intelligence and counterintelligence. Why not use special forces to wipe out some of the most radical fuelers of the insurgency instead of allowing them to hide behind religious protections?

Islamic extremism: The self-proclaimed dictator of Iran is as vile a human being as Hitler ever was in his darkest hour. The world sits stupidly with a dumb grin while Ahmadinejad promises to destroy Israel and America. Does this ring any bells? How about 1935 to 1939? Oh by the way, the IAEA functions as a futile body in Iran because they inspect only what he says they can inspect and soon they are on the way out of the country altogether. Make no mistake about it. The traces of polonium and uranium have nothing to do with the peaceful pursuit of nuclear energy for Iran. Iran intends to make nuclear bombs and the delivery systems are already in place to destroy Israel and reach the eastern seaboard of the U.S. We have two choices in finding peace in the Middle East. The root of radical Islam must be ferreted out and destroyed. Few people understand that a majority of the young people dying as supposed martyrs have far less command of Arabic than the murderous clerics do. They listen to the twisted words and hate of those desiring world domination with little ability to decipher the Quran on their own terms. Complete and direct sanctions against Middle Eastern countries that fail to assist us in ending extremist violence is a starting point. Don't fear the collateral damage. You should be wondering why you see no moderate Muslim outrage during the hot days of violence and death in the Middle East. Make no mistake, the core of the Islamic violence wants a Muslim world with no Christians, Jews, or Laker fans in it.

Illegal Immigration: Election 2006, Amnesty Wins!
How stupid are we really? This issue alone guaranteed the reelection of some of the country's conservative representatives on this issue. Boy was I wrong. Now the amnesty cowards feel free to push their agenda at will. I will make one last push for my immigration plan and then I fear I will tire. I do not request a border fence. I want a border blockade. A forty foot concrete wall constructed by the 11 million illegal immigrants already sucking up taxpayer dollars in this country suffices. There will be several openings, maybe 6, in this border-long conrete wall manned by large border patrol contingencies and customs officials. I know there may be crafty ways to attempt the scaling of my proposed concrete monolith so I am encouraging high voltage electric conduit to be placed in two foot increments up the face of my structure. Large warning signs in several languages are placed everywhere as tall as billboards warning of the danger of approaching the wall at other than an approved border patrol crossing. Then and only then can we start on the Canadian border, eh? Right now in northern Montana 20 divisions of the Chinese army could march into the United States unimpeded. The days of warm hugs and blowing kisses across our borders are over. This is a violent world with many in it wishing us death. Immigrants, more specifically illegal immigrants, can apply for citizenship the way my forefathers did, legally. Don't come here and wave Mexican flags and disrupt traffic and schools for the Americans that are paying for your healthcare and educations with little from you in return. Tough talk you say? Try following the rules to immigrate to Mexico. I think you'll find my proposals are gentle as a lamb.

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