Friday, December 29, 2006


Check out the new books by Kirk Maier (perhaps an alter ego) available on I recommend downloading them for $3.75 instead of the exorbinant price they're listed at in print. "A Conspiracy of Death" centers around a new deputy in a rural sheriff's department caught in the intrigue and murder of a narcotic's scheme orchestrated by one of the department's most venerable officers. Throw in an extremist militia group and a plot to kill the governor and you have a novella that reads fast and travels well while you're waiting to catch that plane.

The second book fits this blog much better. "Right of Center: Say What's On Your Cynical Mind" is a short book written with dripping sarcasm and satire all the while talking about issues everyday Americans talk about around the dinner table. I love to tackle the weirdo's in Hollywood, Islamic extremists, religions, and several other topics.

Sorry about the shameless self-promotion but until the Washington Post and a handful of literary agencies and publishers beg to have my work on their desks, it really is the only option.

Thanks and happy reading.

The (now shameless) Montana Conservative

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