Monday, April 23, 2007


I just spent a few days with my little grand babies. Now I know why I had my two children when I was younger. Boy you sure find out how out of shape you are when you start packing a 23 pound, 7 month old baby around. A hot bath sounded pretty good after all that! But it was worth every minute. It was pretty special getting to spend time with them.

My grandson has been diagnosed with craniosynostosis. His case is considered severe and he needs to wear a type of headgear they call a helmet to correct this problem before he grows anymore. If this procedure works he will avoid surgery down the road. If it isn't corrected he will have problems in the future. This could lead to pressure in the brain with severe headaches, jaw problems and a drooping of one side of his face and eye. Craniosynostosis is premature fusing of 1 or more cranial sutures causing a misshapen head. So he has been measured and will be fitted with the head gear in the next week or so.

Thank God that modern medicine has found a fairly easy way to correct the problem. For now he will not have to have surgery and in a matter of months hopefully it will all be over.

He is such a happy little guy.... it is sad to think what may have happened if he wasn't diagnosed in the early stages.....

Hugs to my little grand baby....
Signed..... Mrs. Montana Conservative

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