Monday, April 16, 2007

Duane "Dog" Chapman

Duane "Dog" Chapman better known as "Dog the Bounty Hunter" still faces possible extradition and jail time in Mexico as a result of his capture of Max Factor heir and rapist extraordinaire Andrew Luster. Apparently the popular star of A&E's "Dog the Bounty Hunter" feels that the United States government abandons him in his hour of need and I think his perceptions hold validity. Let us tell it like it is.

The condensed version goes as follows. Chapman is a bounty hunter. Chapman gets wind that pervert Luster is hiding out in Mexico with his access to millions of dollars in old family money. Luster continues to videotape his degradations of Mexican women as he feeds them knockout drugs and rapes them on camera for his own demented and sick amusement. I mean what a stud this guy is. He raped 86 women in the United States in California and has to knock them all out to score a date and a sexual interlude. Talk about the poster boy for pyschotic and psychopathic behavior and a man obviously concerned with his apparently limited male endowment.

Chapman follows tips and leads and captures Luster in Mexico with the help of members of his bounty hunting team. Those members just happen to be his son Leland and brother Tim. Before Luster gets his jumpsuit properly fitted the Mexican police have the Chapman bounty hunters in cuffs and shackles and behind bars on a misdemeanor charge that alleges an illegal detention of a scumbag like Luster. Chapman bonds, bails, or whatever it takes to get out of jail in Mexico and returns to America to hunt fugitives in Hawaii and Colorado and embarks on a successful television show. One day not long ago federal marshals show up at his door, arrest him, his son, and his brother. A United States judge ruled that there is no reason Chapman cannot be extradited to Mexico to face the original detention charges and subsequent jail time if so determined by a Mexican court or tribunal.

What in the hell is the American government thinking? It simply astounds me that this case is still haunting the Chapman family. When the Mexican government makes a request at the American consulate or state department regarding the issue of Chapman's extradition, the only response should have been one of laughter and the subsequent buzz of a disconnected phone line. Let's get this straight. This is all about Mexico flexing its muscles in a lame attempt to show that the country has any legitimacy at all.

The Mexican government is corrupt from top to bottom. Parliamentary fat cats have prospered and profited from the illegal drug trade poisoning people around the world. Mexican police and military leadership cheat their citizens by promoting a culture of corruption through the propagation of illicit drug trade and the murder and destruction that follows. The disparity in Mexico is self-induced from generations of high level corruption. If the Mexican government had an ounce of self respect they'd name a city after Chapman because he stopped Luster from raping daughters of the Mexican society. Mexico is a dead and defeated nation and our problems at the border are a direct result of the Mexican government giving up on its citizens to protect the wealthy ruling class in the elitist levels of government. The only hope for Mexico realistically is that an agreement can be hammered out in which they agree to be annexed into the United States.

As for now, Mexico couldn't manage a 7-11 much less a country and her people's economy. The Chapman situation is just a small example of how failed that nation is. The fact that the American government doesn't rush to defend a hero like Chapman only reaffirms that our country is slowly but surely following Mexico's horrendous lead.

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Laura said...

I agree 100% with you. The Mexican government should be thanking him for keeping the women there safe but wemon are nothing but servants there anyway. America is failing a hero. The lesson we are learning is that if you do a good deed you will be punished.