Sunday, April 01, 2007

Iran: The Stone Age's Best Representative

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims the British government and the bad Americans are arrogant for calling for a release of 15 British sailors illegally captured by Iranian forces nearly 10 days ago. Iran claims the Brits trespassed into Iranian waters but anyone with a shred of intelligence understands that in this modern era of sophisticated weaponry and finite GPS coordinates that no trespass took place.

The media really pushes or rather shoves the idea that mainstream Muslims in a country like Iran really like the American people and would like nothing more than to share a McDonalds franchise with us or perhaps engage in a festive game of cricket after attending a Billy Graham crusade. That line of liberal "hugthink" is totally off-base and if you believe it I have no doubt in my mind that we will be easily overrun by radical Muslims in the not too distant future. Iman Iwil Blowyoukar will knock on your door some cool spring morning while your finger is up your nose watching Matt Lauer tell you how much the Iranian populace embraces your way of life and Christian heritage. Have you been watching the protests taking place in Tehran at the British Embassy from the supposedly intellectual students from Tehran's university, the supposed mainstream future of the country? They are not standing there screaming and throwing rocks clamoring for the release of the British sailors. They are standing there chanting "Death to Britain" and "Death to America." On this Sunday morning, how many Americans do you see outside the embassies of Islamic states chanting "Death to Allah" and burning likenesses of Iranian leaders in effigy? What if one of the British SAS fired at one protester scaling the fence and killed him? Would Iran acknowledge the screaming ranter was actively involved in an act of criminal trespass against the British government? The answer is simple.

Now we face a conundrum. Iran has flown in the face of the IAEA and U.N. sanctions while it happily progresses in its enrichment of uranium to further seek global domination in what it hopes will be one Muslim world led by violent clerics proclaiming the virtues of a false religion and God. Of course showing disdain for the U.N. is like a two year old pulling the cat's hair after mother says stop. There is no teeth in the U.N. and members of the security council with veto power (China and Russia) have a far more vested interest in supporting Iran than in supporting the United States.

In our country the newly elected Democratic congress has shown with the passage of the "cut and run" bill that they have no interest in dismantling violent regimes in Middle East nor do they by implication desire stability in the region. So I guess the Iranian madman can kill the British sailors or do what he wishes because none of the world leaders have the intestinal fortitude or political leverage to do what needs doing. We are conceding defeat to the aspirations of radical Islam. If President Bush and Prime Minister Blair called me today, (I've been waiting and expect the call anytime now) here is what I would tell them.

Ahmadinejad and his fellow dirt eaters lived as wandering herders 150 years ago. Tribal and religious sect mentality ruled and disputes over things like who eats or sleeps with whose goat tonight were resolved by sawing the head of the other off while he slept. They have squandered every opportunity at stability and responsibility on a world stage because of their adherence to a guttural and medieval view of the human position on the planet. They've killed each other for years and chosen to abandon attempts by gracious countries that helped them make the first attempt at crawling out of the Stone Age. Interpretations of Islam even by those coined moderate show again that these positions of chaos are how they want their lives, governments, and futures to be.

If the Iranian President wants this distorted reality, then I say we give it to him. A return to the Stone Age is easily achieved with the push of a button. Starting over may be the only way to salvage a lost cause. World domination is the Islamic goal, peace cannot be obtained through commerce and diplomacy, and democratic governments around the world refuse to passively become crazy and misinformed fundamentalists. Let's turn it all back to glass and live peacefully without threat of intimidation and murder of the innocents by those desiring to destroy us and our heritage.

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