Saturday, March 31, 2007

CNN's Biased Reporting Makes NBC Seem Rational

I recently read an opinion piece penned by Lou Dobbs, host of CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight." Dobbs thanked viewers for their loyalty and innate intelligence in understanding that his program adheres to nonpartisan debates on issues of concern to citizens in this country. Too bad his network cannot say the same. Perhaps only the social secularists running the news department at NBC can challenge CNN for editorial slant and biased reporting. I am equally surprised the hats at CNN have yet to lure NBC's David Gregory into the fold to co-host a nightly news broadcast with Wolf Blitzer that empathizes the plight of fundamentalist Muslims that only want peace and understanding. Yeah, the Iranian President is simply misunderstood. It is the Bush Administration's fault the British sailors humiliate themselves on state run television and the tongue of a worker fighting for better wages was removed in layers by government henchmen with ties to the Revolutionary Guard. I guess I'll wait a while before discussing freedom of speech or religious issues within the context of the modern Stone Age Middle East.

As for Dobbs himself, I agree with some of his points. I think he is dead on in regards to securing our southern border and fighting amnesty tooth and nail. Dobbs even brings in ardent opponents that support amnesty or as it is called on Capitol Hill "comprehensive immigration reform." But Lou, you have to bring in folks from both sides on EVERY issue discussed, not just those of your choosing. I know many of your segments are opinion segments but they are sold as news stories with journalistic elements. Rarely if ever do you see two sides to the stories regarding the "outsourcing" of Unites States jobs in the context of the "war on the middle class." I am not sure if Lou has a son, daughter, or brother that holds a position of esteem within one of America's corrupt and mismanaged labor unions but he might as well have. Lou, if you want to be a lap dog for big labor and state run healthcare just say so but have the integrity to bring supporters of free trade to the program. As least discuss the talking points of the opposing viewpoint. Big business cannot be taxed into oblivion or be forced to pay excessive wages and benefits for marginal worker output and continue to function as a going economic concern. Continue to preach the mantra of increased wages, benefits, and taxation to the large corporations that feed our economy and create jobs in the first place and see what happens. Outsourcing a few jobs will seem like the tiniest participle within the larger equation of economic collapse.

Dobbs recently bemoaned the Attorney General's dastardly involvement in the firings of several United States attorneys. AG Gonzales finds himself in an unceremonious retreat and his career is all but doomed. The Democrats and mainstream media have succeeded in dooping an apathetic and disinterested public into believing the situation is a scandal of national importance. There was no crime committed. It is incredulous that the story is news at all. It is simply concrete proof that the media will use any crumb at its disposal to damage the Bush White House (yes, a marred and dumb White House) to the benefit of left-wing politics. It isn't even a news story significant enough for PBS, NPR, or the failed Air America radio network. The media and partisans in Washington have succeeded with what amounts to criminalizing noncriminal acts. The President can fire attorneys because they serve at his pleasure, case closed. Gonzales made the mistake of telling a white lie (you know, like I swear she only smoked the cigar) on an unimportant subject of no significance and in so doing failed to understand the bloodlust of the Bush opponents. Not once have any of the media reports spewing venom on Gonzales and the White House mentioned the corruption committed in the same context and on a larger scale within the Clinton Administration. Clinton wiped out all 93 U.S. Attorneys and of specific note the attorney involved with the corruption investigation of Democrat Dan Rostenkowski of Illinois. Not even a blurb is reported. The state of the modern media is absurd. Sandy Berger gets a slap on the wrist and a journalistic pass for the attempted cover-up of Clinton's lax foreign policy stand on world terror and Gonzales faces the fire for noncriminal behavior in a situation as unimportant as the legal excercise of executive authority? I officially classify most outlets within the media as an arm of the left leaning zealots of the Democratic Party.

If you'll excuse me I have to run. I've invited the Iranian President over for a ham and pork chop dinner. We always watch Pat Robertson together on Saturday nights after catching up with the news on CNN.

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