Saturday, February 17, 2007

Let's Not Argue, Right is Right

I watched a news snippet last night where the chairman of Planned Parenthood visited my city to raise funds for the organization. It never ceases to amaze me how an organization like this spins its personna to make itself as personable and friendly as possible. She praised Montana's Democratic senators and governor for their support of a woman's reproductive health and a woman's reproductive RIGHTS. It always seems odd to me that they never bother mentioning a woman's, and a man's for that matter, reproductive RESPONSIBILITIES. The dumpsters in this country remain littered with the remnants of the innocent. Future doctors, lawyers, scientists, sons, and daughters destroyed so as to minimize the impact and responsibility on a sexually active lifestyle.

It remains the same old Neanderthal argument. Where does life begin? Does life begin at conception (of course it does) or at some other arbitrarily determined point in space defined by a consortium of experts? Apparently the scientific community, including abortion providers, believes they will not be sure that whatever is growing in that woman's womb is a human being or infant child until it presents and delivers. Perhaps the doctors in consultation with the female patient are sweating test results hoping that the growing baby doesn't morph into a jackalope before the last trimester. Perhaps they are not sure it is a human or that it will stay human. Perhaps they are petrified of the following words, "Congratulations Ms. Wilson, it's a platypus." Perhaps it is a porpoise or moose or bicycle and the sexually irresponsible couple may retain the right to terminate the pregnancy just in case it turns out to be the latter. Boy, that argument really makes you want to hang your hat on the advances of modern science doesn't it! So if my dog understands that it is a live human baby growing inside its mother the scientific community surely understands it.

I need someone to make a philosophical argument as to why I could not walk up and bludgeon the ailing grandfather of an abortion physician. What is the difference? I believe the lines blur little if at all. Those that committed violence and murder at abortion clinics against doctors and staff deserved their fates. Why is it that those within the walls of the same clinics commit violence and murder with seemingly no repercussions? It would be nice if someone would just say it. Murder is against the law but not all murder. How can I banter for the end of abortion and support the death penalty? Easy. It has to do with freedom. Convicted(in DNA cases) murderers possessed the freedom to CHOOSE whether or not to proceed with their intended and subsequent actions. A growing baby has no voice and no choice. They must suffer the intended actions of others.

All I can say is fate has a way of sneaking up on you to render justice in due course. Perhaps it would do abortion providers good to remember there is a power greater and more just than that of mankind.

On a much lighter note, I want to thank my wife for posting for me while I traveled this past week. After reading her words and recognizing her talent for writing, I will no longer invite her to pontificate on my blog because she possesses far too much ability and I can't stand the thought of someone stealing my thunder. She can start her own d_ _ _ blog!

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Anonymous said...

I was actually thinking the same thing about your wife, but it's nice to have you back