Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Parallel Universe

Do you ever feel like the world is passing you by but thankfully you're in a much better place because of it? During an episode on a recent gameshow approximately 54% of the featured participants had no idea the symbol for the Democratic Party in our country was the donkey or in more affectionate terms the jackass. I talked to a fellow some time ago that believed "women's suffrage" referred to boisterous husbands that mistreated their wives by cavorting at late hours with loose women. My favorite story is the PETA lady that was caught buying packaged hamburger at a supermarket. When asked if she was a member of the organization she responded with resounding affirmation. She didn't believe the package of ground tissue in her shopping cart came from a slaughtered animal. This is how it starts you know. We begin losing the country when we give up on ourselves. No one has the desire to learn or to forge critical structure by building understanding through personal responsibility. Every social structure starts with the basic self and ties into community bonds and henceforth an intricate web forms across the country and globe. Instead of spreading blossoms like flowers, we hide our faces from the sun and the end result is a withering from within. Pretty soon we are so awash in our own apathy we elect a Congress to lie, cheat, and steal from us while we sit in recliners with glazed eyes watching American Idol.

The statistics in America indicate that approximately 75 to 87% of citizens profess a belief in God. The same statistics show that the dominant religion in the United States is Christianity. History tells us that our form of government is framed by the Judaeo-Christian belief structure and applied common law and so on and so forth. Why is it that the 15% of those that claim to be atheists or at the very least loud agnostics get all the media attention and favorable rulings from circuit court judges? Thou shalt not erect nativity scenes at schools or on public property. There will be no Ten Commandments erected on public property so that the 2 in 1000 atheists walking up the courthouse steps don't faint with visual offense. One reason for all the ignorant ballyhoo stems from the law consuming itself with petty and utterly futile technical complications. ACLU attorneys manage to lose the meaning of intended arguments within the jargon of modern litigation. In other words, the law no longer resembles a process with a start and finish but is now construed strictly within the realm of farfetched technical interpretations of the words themselves. It kind of parallels Bill Clinton's remark during his impeachment deposition. You remember the old "it depends on what the definition of is is." What? My head wants to explode. My dog understood him but I could not find a translator. A judge, a prosecutor, and a defense attorney could watch a defendant jump over the table and murder the court reporter and he stands about a 65% chance of an acquittal do to technical squabbles over evidentiary discovery forms and someone failing to read him his Miranda rights. Let's just cut through the fat. If a majority of people want Christmas trees and nativity scenes and this same majority believes in the Christian God then let there be trees and baby Jesus scenes. I thought in a democracy the majority rules or at least it is supposed to.

The loudest, fewest, and oddly enough most televised atheist opponents decry the practice and wail in misery as they see the church and state fusing into one beaming white robe. What nonsense and nincompoopery. What a spineless copout! The nativity scenes at schools and Ten Commandments representations on the court house lawns have nothing to do with the separation of church and state. First, they are historical and cultural elements with significance in relation to our country's historical journey. Second, separation of church and state means (for all you secularists that thrive on the media's representation of left-wing interests) only the following. The government cannot and does not force a particular religion upon you. You and the members of your atheist family will not be forced to memorize the Commandments or play one of the wise men in a school Christmas play. The government and religions do not publicly fund one another. You can continue your atheist tradition and you will not be jailed or fined or subjected to unwanted proctology examinations. If you find offense with symbols of Christ and other pieces of our history, simply close your eyes, vomit if you must, or leave the country for Antarctica and/or Siberia. You could try being an atheist in a Middle Eastern country but I have a feeling you'd rather be an atheist here and continue railing against time honored traditions in a variety of newspapers and television outlets not controlled by the government or a religion. In fact, relish in a system that glorifies your minority opinion with a majority of editorial slant.

I know it would be terminally harmful for you and your children to see scenes of love and family and possibly to be influenced by the awful tenets on the tablets of Moses. You and yours may find yourselves exposed to reminders like "thou shalt not kill, steal, covet, or bear false witness against your neighbor." Yeah, I think the country and her citizens would really suffer in seeing these responsible reminders. What kind of argument is that? Remember the majority of a populace and not a minority of its trial lawyers and activist judges should determine public policy on issues of historical and cultural significance. And by all means please stop being offended at what the majority finds worthy and unoffensive. Besides, maybe I'm offended at your offense at my beliefs you are offended with in the first place. Does that put anyone on defense? Just shut up and take relief in knowing CNN or NBC News is sure to cover your perspective and not mine.

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