Friday, February 09, 2007

Hot Topics in Early February

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House- I watched a report on CNN's Glenn Beck program regarding the new transportation for House Speaker Pelosi. What a sham. Apparently her staff lobbied for a reconfigured Boeing 757 to be used as her transportation. I guess the luxurious, fast, and technologically superior Gulfstream V that the previous speaker utilized simply didn't measure up to the stature and standards of Ms. Pelosi. Her staff cited security concerns and desired an aircraft that could fly nonstop to Ms. Pelosi's home in California. So now the taxpayers can multiply by about a gazillion times the amount necessary to ferry her highness about in lavish luxury. I am glad to see she is standing by the Democratic ideal of sharing the pain and living the life of the ordinary citizen. If she wanted to feel the financial woes of her middle or lower class constituents and make an example of her service in Washington she should go Greyhound.

Anna Nicole Smith (1967-2007) I cannot turn to one single news or cable news channel and find out about anything important in the world. Instead I find anchors, field reporters, and journalists reporting live from the medical examiner's office in Florida awaiting results from Ms. Smith's autopsy. How did she die? Why did she fight so many battles? Was she distraught over the recent drug-induced death of her 20 year old son? Was her death an overdose? What was her real bra size? Did she really use hair extensions? Who is the father of her baby? WHO CARES??? The main stream media continues its fight to hang on to any semblance of reality with vaseline on its hands. The overblown news hype spent on this story equates in importance to a worldwide shortage of wood chips for lawn decoration. I'd much rather hear about the life and contributions of a fallen soldier or firefighter than Ms. Smith's self-induced malaise as she lay awash in the effects of moral relativism. Besides, her lawsuit to secure part of the fortune of her deceased husband's oil fortune wasted enough of America's brain cells to last us all a lifetime. Just seeing her passionately kiss her former cadaver-like husband would probably make a battle-hardened medic throw up. Let's demand more from the media and get on with things that make a difference in this world.

Hillary Rodham I Will Say Anything to Get Your Vote Clinton- In October 2002 she stood before Congress and said it was her conviction to proceed with defeating terrorism and stabilizing Iraq. This has nothing to do with how the war is fought and that is certainly subject for healthy debate. Now as she eyes the protein-stained carpet of the Oval Office for herself, she states to her frenzied and rabid supporters that had she been President in 2002 she would not have went to war in the first place. Wait, wait, wait. You said with Clintonian "conviction" that you supported fighting terrrorism in Iraq. In fact, Hillary said while visiting Iraq in 2003 that America must "stay the course." Now you feel we shouldn't be there at all? Speaking for me I cannot imagine a Commander in Chief that feels unabashed waffling is a compelling characteristic for the leader of the free world. I have said it a million times and will continue to say it again. Hillary is an old hippie with an anything goes attitude that suffers from no personal constitution or core beliefs other than those that bring her personal power and prestige. She swung wildy on the abortion issue from support of late term womb vacuuming to a more moderate position calling for more hugs and fireside chats. She is simply the worst of what politics offers. She is a person of power that legitimizes her decisions based on lies and deception to further her own agenda at the expense of the citizens that pay her and suffer the ill effects of her questionable decision making.

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Anonymous said...

Hi MC,
It is my understanding that the plane that the former speaker used was more than capable of flying non-stop to California. Do some research to see if that is true. It is probably correct to assume that Smelosi is lying thru' her totalitarian teeth again.