Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Remembering Our Soldiers

My husband asked me to post in his blog while he was out on the road and not able to post on a regular basis. He told me to put in a recipe or something.... Well that doesn't even compare to some of the material that he writes about. I am not a writer but I told him that I would think about it if I found something that made me mad enough to comment about. Well it happened this morning when I was reading the local paper online. Here goes.....

There was a funeral scheduled for a young man in Eastern Montana who served in the military and died over in Iraq yesterday. I don't get into all the political reasons why we should or shouldn't be over there but I do believe that those that go and serve our country should be given our country's respect for their willingness to serve our country. My father served in WWII and my husband's father in Vietnam and also his Great grandfather in WWI. These people are to be admired and looked up to for their service to our country. They came back to their homes after some horrible experiences while in the military and managed to live out the rest of their lives with some sort of normalcy.

Back to the young man's funeral...... I couldn't believe that I read that the Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka KS was going to show up at the funeral and protest. I had to continue reading because it made me mad to think that they were going to disrupt this funeral because they didn't believe in the war in Iraq. Well I was surprised to read that they were protesting because "they believed the soldier's deaths were God's punishment for America's acceptance of homosexuality". I almost fell off the chair! Can you believe that? To come all the way to Montana to protest in a small town for that reason! You don't want to hear my opinion's of homosexuality but I certainly am not going to go and protest at a soldier's funeral and take away from his time of respect. What is this country coming to? The more I hear, the more I believe there are more weirdos and lunatics out there than I care to know about. It is a scary thought.

Back to the funeral of the young soldier..... May he rest in peace and know that there are those out there that really do respect him and appreciate that has served in our country's military.

Check out this new update about protesting at funerals.... http://www.montanasnewsstation.com/Global/story.asp?S=6190862

Signed..... Mrs. Montana Conservative

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Anonymous said...

If God is pissed at the US I'd bet it has more to do with legalized abortion than same-gender fornication. That aside, the Montana I grew up in 50 years ago, knew exactly how to handle outlanders from Kansas.