Friday, March 16, 2007

Flying Can Be Relaxing Too.....

My husband posted a while back about "Flying the Friendly Skies...."

Yes it can be quite stressful flying. But if you think about it the actual flight takes less time than the time that one has to spend just making preparations for the flight, getting to the flight, waiting to take the flight and before you know it, the trips over and you have to do it all over again to get back to where you started from!

If you don't fly on a regular basis then it can be an adventure but the more you fly the more you wish that you didn't have to unless you are the one piloting the plane. Since my husband is a pilot, I have had the good fortune to be able to enjoy several flights with him in command. These were under the supervision of a flight instructor so I had no reason to be nervous about anything. I trust my husband completely and then with the added protection of a flight instructor it made the several flights I was invited to go along on much more relaxing.

One of the flights I took with him was from the Chandler Airport in Arizona to Palomar, a small airport north of San Diego. We left in the morning, landed at Palomar, had breakfast, put some fuel on and returned the same day. It was a wonderful flight and so amazing to be able to see the countryside from the air. There were little or no clouds and it truly was a wonderful flight. On the return we circled out into the Pacific Ocean and then turned and headed back to Chandler Airport.

Another was a night flight that took us once again from Chandler Airport to Tuscon International. Flying at night when the sky is clear is another truly amazing experience. You can see forever and all the cities and towns look so much closer together than they really are when traveling by automobile on the ground. We landed and my husband was so embarrassed by his landing. He apologized because he thought it was a horrible drop onto the landing strip. Well I hardly noticed. We landed safely and nothing fell off the airplane so what would I know about it all. He still to this day talks about the horrible landing and still to this day I can't remember anything horrible about it! I just remember getting to go along and getting to see the sky at night from the view of an airplane window!

Another flight I was invited to share was again from Chandler Airport to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas NV. We left in the morning and once again saw some beautiful countryside. You have a strange feeling when there is a 737 flying next to you and passing you by. You almost can wave at the people on the plane you are so close. But still I was not nervous. We landed the little plane and then parked it as if you would a car in a parking space and got out and walked a short 5 minute walk. We ended up at the New York, New York Casino across from the MGM Grand and The Luxor. Imagine that! Flying in on a plane and parking it like a car and walking a short distance and ending up having lunch at a Las Vegas casino. Who'd a thought! Then we went back to the plane and took off the same afternoon for Chandler Airport.

Those three flights I will always remember. They were calm and relaxing flights. I had no worries and felt as carefree as a bird. I am sure that my husband was a little more nervous than I since he was trying to impress the flight instructor and he had all the headaches of learning all the in's and out's of flying the plane but not I. It was wonderful.

Maybe again someday I will have the privilage of being a passenger in a plane flown by my husband and I am sure they will be just as relaxing as those taken many years ago.

Thanks sweetie for sharing your world with me......

Signed...... Mrs. Montana Conservative

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