Monday, March 26, 2007

Harry Belafonte, Musical Icon and Cultural Traitor

As if America needed another loud-mouthed and misinformed sociocommunist ranting about how bad the United States is even though our rooted capitalism and associated freedoms gave him every opportunity to succeed and acquire great wealth. "Daylight Come, Harry Please Go Home."

Belafonte proved in spades he is no civil rights champion nor a defender of Martin Luther King Jr.'s ideals and harmonic vision. Belafonte blurted stridently in no uncertain terms that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is "revered nowhere." Harry referred to former Secretary of State Colin Powell as George Bush's "house boy." So much for empowering your brethren and defending leaders within your ethnicity. The liberal leaders and victimologists of the NAACP and so called religious leaders within the African-American community like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton will contend they missed Belafonte's tirade when confronted with remarks spewed from one of their brothers in arms.

Even though Belafonte is showing his age and apparent slide into senility, he still thumbs his nose at our country and calypsos with great joy all the while being puppeteered by his new best friend Hugo Chavez. Chavez calls Bush the devil and Harry agrees. Harry stands proudly at the microphone and contends Bush is the great terrorist. I wonder what happens if he stands in Venezuela and calls Chavez a great Satan. Oh yeah, the state controls the media there and he finds himself in prison or worse for the rest of his life. Never mind that Chavez directly controls the monies from Venezuela's vast oil resources and that money empowers the poor in his country only after his wealth is assured. That little banty rooster Chavez is playing poor aged Harry like a fine-tuned piccolo. Belafonte is dumb enough to criticize the country that provided him with the basic gifts to say what he wants and live as he wishes while exalting a brutal dictator that only wishes to see capitalism and the American way fail.

I really don't care if you hate the United States and her democracy and host of freedoms. That is your choice. But do not use those freedoms for misguided hate speech without understanding and giving thanks to those that fought to give those rights to you, men a thousand times poorer and a thousand times more noble than you Harry. A lot of these men died before their 20th birthdays and never questioned or faltered in serving an ideal greater than themselves. Belafonte obviously never served a greater interest than his own. The ideal and beauty of America. Use up her resources to benefit your selfish objectives if you must but please get out if you hate her that bad. She and we don't want you around. Perhaps mill about at the level of Chavez' populace and blame Amercia for the tyranny inflicted by brutal dictators like Hugo. You're old enough and close enough to the grave now you may not have time to understand it. I just hope your idiotic example never really catches on. I'm going to buy some bananas. One fruit deserves another.

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