Friday, March 09, 2007


I was eating an orange this morning and it made me think back to when I was a child.

I remember playing outside underneath the steps that led up to the back door of the house. The steps were wooden and open on the step and the sides. The days were warm and quiet. You very seldom heard anything but the sound of a bird or a dog barking or maybe a passing car.

One of the most fun things to do under the step was play "tastee freeze". My neighborhood friends and I had quite full imaginations back then. One child would be the one that would make the delicious treats and the other would do the ordering. We had sticks, leaves, grass, fresh dirt and yes of course half orange peelings that we would save after eating the inside of the orange. We filled the orange halves with those special ingredients and made some really neat treats!

My half sister once told me that she thought I was lacking in my diet because of the amount of dirt that I consumed. But how could one refuse a visual delight such as these?

Kids nowadays have no idea how to entertain themselves anymore. They have all these expensive toys, computer games, and TV to entertain them now. It is scary to think about what a child of today would do if all of that was taken away from them and they had to actually think about what to do to entertain themselves with only good ol' Mother Earth to fall back on!

Fond memories of my childhood......

Signed...... Mrs. Montana Conservative

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